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New gets!

It's been a long time, huh?
I've come with some new items I have gotten- yet I didn't have enough time to shoot photos with them yet.
I would still like to introduce them to you!

Red Glasses
White Sunglasses

Black Pants

Velvet Set Yellow Top

I will be back with a wishlist very soon! <3
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Some cool finds!

January Gets!

New Gets of December!

Hello again!
I realized I missed posting some of my new gets, so here I am!!

Slogan Sock Set Transparent Fanny Pack
Rainbow Sweater
Paired it up with a blue wig so it literally became a rainbow!
Yellow Glasses

Thank you for looking!
See you in the next post!!

Wishlist before New Years!

November Wishlist&Favorites!

Hello everyone!
Been a long time huh?
I should pay more attention to this blog. :/

This is a start I guess!

Let's go with the monthly favs!

Transparent Holo Hoodie
Pink Fluff Top

Bear Hoodie
Brown Jumpsuit

Red Top
Penguin Backpack

Banana Sleepwear

Outfit Update!

Yo, back with a super quick update with some recent items I got!!


Super quick shot in the mall, haha...


Mermaid Blanket