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New gets!

Hello!!! It's been a long time, huh? I've come with some new items I have gotten- yet I didn't have enough time to shoot photos with them yet. I would still like to introduce them to you! Red Glasses White Sunglasses Black Pants   Velvet Set Yellow Top I will be back with a wishlist very soon! <3
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Some cool finds!

MTV Jacket Fluffy Top Fluffy Headband White Sweater Yellow Pants Top&Skirt Set Metallic Skirt Red Striped Pants       Cami Dress Buckle Handbag Striped Sweater

January Gets!

Ello! Here to post this month's favs, as well as the one's on my wishlist!!!   Powder Blue Sailor Coat Fluffy Sweater     Brown Cap Leopard Coat Black Skirt   Red Sweater Orange Sweater   Checkered Sunglasses Socks Set First Aid Bag / Makeup Bag

New Gets of December!

Hello again! I realized I missed posting some of my new gets, so here I am!! Slogan Sock Set Transparent Fanny Pack Sweater Rainbow Sweater Paired it up with a blue wig so it literally became a rainbow! Yellow Glasses Thank you for looking! See you in the next post!!

Wishlist before New Years!

I'm back with this month's favs! <3 Dress Pink Ruffle Top Pink Velvet Top Pink Fluff Coat Colorful Sweater Carrot PJS Bear PJS

November Wishlist&Favorites!

Hello everyone! Been a long time huh? I should pay more attention to this blog. :/ This is a start I guess! Let's go with the monthly favs! Transparent Holo Hoodie Pink Fluff Top Bear Hoodie Brown Jumpsuit Red Top Penguin Backpack Banana Sleepwear

Outfit Update!

Yo, back with a super quick update with some recent items I got!!     Top Bottom Super quick shot in the mall, haha... Skirt Mermaid Blanket Top Sweater Skirt Pants