☆☆LolitaDressesOnline Sweet Lolita Shoes Review

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I'm not sure if you remember but I've reviewed 2 wigs from them before this!
I can't say anything about their dresses' quality yet, since I haven't tried them, so please buy at your own risk!
However for the wigs and these shoes, the post I'm writing is %100 my own opinion.

Sweet Lolita Shoes
The shoes I got from LolitaDressesOnline is a pair of Sweet Lolita Shoes. They come in pink color and I think they can't be customized. But you can e-mail them, maybe they can do it! They have to sizes from 34 to 41 and if you are not sure about your shoe size, you can write your feet length at the check out(or just mail them beforehand, that's what I did) and they will help you out. My feet were 24.5 cm and I sometimes wear 38, sometimes 39. That's why I told them my feet length via e-mail and they sent out the right size for me.
The shoes were packed separately in a white soft bag(for each shoe) and they were placed in a shoe box. The shoe box was inside the parcel's plastic bag. It was packed nicely so they arrived in excellent condition.
They fit my feet perfectly as well and they are not too high so I didn't feel even a slight discomfort with them.

The pink is even brighter than the stock photo! (Not in a shiny way.)
It's matte and has a powder pink color. The bows doesn't have any defects and are attached perfectly, however, you can't take them off. The clip is a standart clip as you can see from the photo. It is shaped as a heart and I find it very cute.
I didn't do an outfit coordinate for it because I still need to collect more pieces for lolita, sorry about that.

Skirt: Taobao
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: LolitaDressesOnline

I'm writing this at 1:30 AM so please forgive me and let me know if I did any mistakes/missed anything!
Night night and love you~!


☆☆Wig Is Fashion Dark Blue Wig&Pink Green Split Wig Review

It's too hot in Turkey and I'm dying.
The countdown for my exam has started and here I am...
Writing reviews.
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So to relieve myself I'm going to draw for a few hours after writing this.

This review will be for Wig Is Fashion, which is a fashion wig store.
Obvious Anzu is obvious. 8)

Shop Wig is Fashion
Use the code "anzujaamu5" in description and 5% of your money will be refunded to you!

They also have another site which focuses on cosplay wigs and it's the store I got my Chihiro Fujisaki wig from.

Shop Cosplay Buzz
The wigs I will be reviewing are from Wig is Fashion only, though!
Just in case if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch my video review for these wigs on Youtube as well!

Let's start with the dark blue wig then.

Mixed Dark Green Wig
Well, I call it a dark blue wig but it's actually a dark green wig. However, to achieve a more natural look, the wig containt different colors such as dark blue, dark green, dark purple and black. These colors make it look like a real hair than a regular cosplay wig.
The wig is also very thick and the wig cap doesn't show up. It's not silky though, so be careful while brushing it. Brush it with your brush instead of fingers because fingers might tangle it more.
It's a bit darker and more blue-ish than the stock photo but the style and length is accurate. It comes styles like the stock photo, which means you won't need to cut it. (Unless you want to bangs to be shorter!)

Aaaaaa, sorry for spamming with so many photos!

The second wig reminded me of street fashion as well!
Since my real hair isn't thick, I'm scared to dye it because I'd probably fail to take care of it. And I don't want to say bye-bye to my real hair, that's why I use so many different wigs.
And I thought this wig is perfect for this purpose.
Because even if it has bright&unusual colors, it's mixed with different color shades and once again this makes it look like real hair. But ofcourse, using it without trimming the bangs could be a bit tiring, so I styled the wig according to myself. The hair is thick and silky, so you can style it by tying it and also brush it with your fingers without getting it tangled.

Phew, that was one big photo dump!

Now! I also decided to make a wishlist from both WigisFashion and CosplayBuzz in my reviews for them. I will show you the items I like the best from their site and maybe write reviews for them in future.

Nanami Chiaki Wig
I'm thinking of cosplaying this character but I'm still not so sure... Do you think it would suit me?

Brown Mixed Purple Wig
How about this? I like the colors and style of this better than the previous one, but they both look adorable!

Dark Brown&Light Brown Split Wig
I'm not a fan of long wigs, but I'm in love with this color. I'm thinking of getting this and styling it real short! ; w ;

Black&Blonde Split Wig
How I wish that black side was a light or a dark shade of brown... ;_;
Still, I like this wig as well! But I think the previous one would look better than this one.
Then again, I'm really really bad at deciding.
Would you like me to help me decide which 2 wigs to review?
Let me know in the comments!
Bye bye~!