☆☆Lazy Outfit Update!!!

Lazy as in... I shot some of the new items without wearing them- though that's because I am unable to combine them with my current wardrobe. Still have some clothes left in Japan that my friend will ship to me ; _ ;
Alrighty, let's go!
Black Spaghetti Strap Starry Sky Printed Dress
Star Print Dress
This dress was too loose on me, so I had to shoot it on the ground ; _ ;
I loved, LOVED the pattern (STARS!!!) and the tulle material, it is perfect for warm weathers, but I am so sad to be unable to wear it since it reveals too much of my chest. (ty to a flat chest)
Color Block Alien Print T-shirt
Alien Shirt
I have a thing for space, stars and aliens, so I had to get this one!!! Also I loved the colour contrast in this one, it definitely makes it even more unique.
super lazy no makeup day ; _ ;
White Letters Print Tank Top
Tequila Shirt
I have a love-hate relationship with tequila. I HATE the taste of alcohol, and tequila included. But when I think about it, I need like 2-4 shots of tequila if I want to drink, and since they are in shots, it just lasts for a second, I mean the weird taste. Because of this I always prefer tequila when I'm gonna drink,kinda got used to it, heh.

I also got this skull bag before I went for Japan, but now that I checked the site, it is out of stock.
Still, I did find a similar item on the site, but it is more on the cutesy side even though it is a skull shaped bag. I think if they had this one too back then, I would go for the more cutesy one!
Black Skull Shaped Floral Print Crossbody Bag
☆Skull Bag☆
Next one is an adorable hat!
Burgundy Vintage Octagonal Cap
It has a vintage feeling to it. That's the main reason I went for it. It fits on my head just right when I use it on my own hair, but it is unable to fit the head with a wig, unfortunately.

Contrast Trimmed Rainbow Patch Crop T-shirt
This one actually had matching bottoms on the site!! I really wanted to get them together so bad, but unfortunately the bottoms were sold out by the time I wanted to order them. ; u ;
Blue Trim Clear Tote Bag With Make Up Bag
Transparent Beach Bag
This!!! I love transparent bags so much, even though everything you have in your bag is visible, haha. When it's a beach bag, it's more acceptable I guess?
I wanted to get this before I went on my vacation but unfortunately it didn't make it. But maybe I will still coordinate it with a colorful outfit, who knows!?

Cartoon Letters Print Yellow Sweatshirt
Ghost Sweater
This one is perfect for lazy days! I wasn't usually going for casual outfits until recently, so I wore this on my very lazy days or when I went crafting with my friend this summer!

We made Ruby Rose's scythe!
Vintage High Waist Denim Blue Pant
Denim Pants
These are the comfiest pants I own right now! I ended up wearing them a lot at the finals week because they were so comfortable and looked nice haha! They do look very plain, but when you use a cute sweater/t-shirt on top of it, it is perfect. Still, I might iron some patches on it to make it cuter!

Black Dress
Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear shot with this dress, but I did wear it to MAC's Good Luck Trolls makeup event! I matched with the staff so much colour-wise, people thought I was working there, haha!

Elastic Waist Plaid Black Pant
Grid Pants
These looked pretty comfy as well when I chose them, and also I have thing for grids- so!
They were a bit tighter than I expected though, I still feel a lot more comfortable in the denim pants.

V Neck Lace Up Embroidered Apricot Dress
Embrodiered Dress
This is so far away from my usual style, but I did like the colour palette of this dress as well as the details, so I thought, why not try?
I was unable to form a full outfit because I lack the suitable items, but I thought it would go well with Hanayo's hair colour, so I wore it with a test shot.

High Neck Letter Crochet Grey Sweater
And here is my fav sweater for the super busy uni days haha! It was very cold in my city at the beginning of summer, so I basically wore this everyday until it got very dirty. 8D Kept me super warm and comfortable with the denim pants. <3
I was so tired and down those days, so unfortunately I didn't get any shots. ><

Sorry for the super lazy posts these days. I am getting together my life- at least trying to. It might take some time, but I promise I will focus on some quality content once my life starts getting easier.
Thank you for bearing with me!
Bye bye! 


☆☆Bhiner Taobao Agent Experience!

Hello! <3
It's been quite a while again, I'm very sorry!
I've been back from Japan some time ago, though I'm still trying to settle down, that's the reason I'm late with both blog posts and youtube videos.

Today I am back for a taobao agent review.
Now for those who don't know an agent service is basically a company/a group of people who will buy the items you want in exchange of a small commission, from the sites you are unable to purchase within your country. In this case, this service is from China, and they will buy any item you want to get from the website Taobao, which is China's eBay. They have many different products you won't be able to find eBay, and at some points, even cheaper!
Bhiner Taobao Agent
What I really liked about Bhiner is that they have a very well constructed site for purchases which lets you browse through Taobao within their site. You will be able to see their prices in USD, and because of their site system, you will also be able to track the items that have arrived to them, if your order is ready for shipping, and their photos/descriptions.
Oh also! If you prefer to browse Taobao in their original site, you can copy the link and paste it into Bhiner's search bar when you are ready to add it into the agent shopping cart.
It works the same as other services, you choose the products, pay for the products+the small commission, wait for the items to arrive. Once they are in Bhiner's warehouse, you will be getting a shipping notice (after they pack&weigh and calculate the parcel) and after that payment is paid, your items will be shipped to you.
Now I will be writing about my experience once I received the parcel!
The parcel was neatly packed, there were no unnecessary gaps or anything! All the items were seperated with plastic bags as well.

First item in the photo is a tutu I got for my Angelic Pretty dress! It is from Classical Puppets on Taobao. In my opinion they make the best petticoats.
Second item is supposed to be a oversized shirt to the point that it'd look like a dress, at least that's what it said on the Taobao link- but it came as a regular size- slightly large shirt.
The third one and the sixth one form a super cute set! Once it is out of the parcel, it looked like this.

(Please excuse the mess, I wasn't really settled down at Japan when I got the parcel!)
The print of this is adorable!!!

I also got a gym set fpr my Karuta cosplay, though I do not have a photo of it out of the plastic bag.
I will be doing a shoot for it soon, though! <3
More cuties!
There is an egg shirt that I really liked the design of, but I ended up pairing it with my overalls, so the print wasn't very visible ;_;

And another one of my favourites was this Coca-Cola bag!I love everything Coca Cola themed!
And here are some smaller stuff- as well as a windbreaker! That one is Pepsi themed, haha! You can also turn it inside out, so you basically have a dark blue&a red windbreaker at the same time!
I got quite a bit of pins that I plan to use in my new outfits too!
The wig I got was quite long, but as you know- I'm a fan of short hairstyles. So I ended up cutting the wig really short, but still didn't lose the gradient effect.

Another two of my favourites are the space themed watch&the yellow black socks!
It was super cheap- about 2-3 dollars, so I can only hope that it won't stop working, HAHA.
And this is the Instinct inspired coordinate I did with the knee high socks! >:3
I ended up getting these bakes sweets themed tights&brown lolita shoes to match with my new AP dress. I think the colour pallette matched very well, I'm so happy with it! <3
When it comes to shoes, I think Taobao is great because you can find very cheap shoes without having to buy a bad quality one.

About my shipping experience, I gotta say I wasn't expecting to receive everything so quick! (about 5 days!?) When it comes to my orders from other Taobao agents, I always got my order around 1-3 months. But the main reason for this is that I live in Turkey- and when I received this order I was in Japan.
Still, if you need the items urgently, you can always look into the other shipping options, such as EMS, it will cost a lot than the other option, but it will be much quicker if you won't have to deal with customs.
Bhiner Taobao Agent
I really hope that this was helpful for you!!
I did my best to use most of the items so that I could give you more info about them- but forgive me for not being able to take photos in all of them yet.
I will be using all of them in my future outfits, so don't worry!

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments- I will do my best to reply to all!
Bye bye!