☆☆UNIQSO ICK Animate Green Lenses&Kayano Kaede Wig Review!

Hello everyone!
I hope you are good!
I'm back with a new review that I'm hoping you will enjoy! *A*
So many different combos are in this one, but I will be mainly talking about two products.
Let's go!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Gotta say, these might be one of the best ones for cosplay purposes! It isn't natural at all, but it may appear natural on dark eyes. For me, it was very vibrant, so much that it actually draws your attention to how different my real eye colour looks when it's compared to the lenses.

Then again, it is less visible when I'm in a dark room and my pupils get big. That's why I thought they would work better with dark coloured eyes!
They are 15 mm, which means they do enlarge the eyes pretty well, and if you read my other reviews you would probably know that I always go for the bigger diameters because of my makeup style/eye size.
I also wore these lenses in my recent video, and you can see how it looks like with different wig combinations in it as well!!

Now, for the new wig, I decided combine it with one of my older lenses, soooo!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Well, I'm still planning on cosplaying Nagisa, not this character, but... what the hell! Right?
The wig seemed cute so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't give it a go!?
The wig arrived in 3 pieces, the base wig and the clip pigtails. That way you will have many hairstyles you can try out with the wig.
I took this one right after taking off the pigtails, I didn't even brush it so I look kinda messy.
And here are some photos with the clip on pigtails!

I thought the colour of the wig went well with the pink sweater, what do you think?

Bye bye for now!


☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Lenses&Wavy Brown Wig&Purple Pigtail Wig - Combo!

I'm finally fully healed! My stitches are gone so I can eat easily too, I'm so glad ; _ ;
There is only a lil' bit of green colour left on my chin, but it will be gone soon too, hopefully very soon!
Other than that, school, well you know, same as always- Kinda boring, but I will keep up!
I know I kinda let go of the reviews, sorry about it...
I'm still active on Youtube, a video every week for sure- so make sure to stay tuned on there.
For this week I posted a makeup tutorial for Valentine's Day, so feel free to check it out!

I kind of added my own twist to it, so it's gonna be different from normal tutorials!

Yup, that's all I have to say about it, I'll move onto the review!
I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
For this post's combo, I went for a pair of brown lenses. I was going for a noticeable, bright pair though. These seemed like that, and I also checked the other customer photos so I was pretty sure this is what I was looking for.

They are huge- and very bright alright, but I don't think they worked well with my blue eyes since it was visible in the middle. I think it clashes with the brightness of the lenses? Not sure...
Still, they turned out pretty okay in the photos.
Sometimes I wish I had brown eyes though, these lenses would suit them so so much better!
Comfort-wise, everything is a-ok! Not even a little bit of dryness after 6 hours. That's why I love I.Fairy.
Brown Wavy Wig
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I got this wig thinking of Mabel from Gravity Falls! I might give a try to a look inspired by her, so..!
After taking the photos for the review, I found the perfect sweater too! I will work on it a little bit after dressing up Mabel-inspired.
As for the wig, it is 80 cm, and it appears more wavy than it seems in the stock photo. The waves were really neat, and I didn't want to brush them since they looked perfect, and ended up being extra careful not to mess it up!
I also didn't want to cut the bangs, for Mabel ofcourse. I will see if I will cut it short or something in the future, being a short hair addicted person...
I went for a heavier eye makeup&lipstick than my usual colours and this is the result!
I don't think the orange coat is doing me any good but OH WELL-
Purple Wig Pigtails
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Another cosplay wig I went for, without thinking of cosplaying.
I actually want to make the base of this wavy!
But before trying to style it, I wanted you guys to have an idea how it looks like when it arrives, so I took some photos without touching the wig- not even a little bit!
The pigtails are thinner than I expected- not hair wise but as if it has a smaller hair clip than usual wigs, but I think that's because they were trying to make it similar to the character in the photo.

The colour really popped out with the orange- so I liked wearing that sweater with this wig!

And this was all!
Thank you for reading my post, as always cuties!
I will see you in the next one soon.
Bye bye!


✩✩Cute Outfit Haul! (Cute Harajuku&Lolita Store)

Hey youuuu~!
Ready for another cute outfit post!?
Bet you are, and I'm back with super cute ones!

Let's start without making you wait more!

imageBlack/White or Pink/White Sneakersimage
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
I know black&white could fit way more outfits but pink seemed so so cute that I couldn't resist!
Also, you probably remember this one from my previous posts, I wanted to include it here anyway.
It has both ties and velcro, you are good to go once you tie it one time though! I did it once and used it by the velcro after that. It isn't very high in platforms, but still gives that effect and also super comfortable!

 It's fun to walk/run around with them!
Free Shipping Lolita Kawaii Bear Embroidery Bear Ear Coat LK15092803
imageBear Sailor Jacketimage
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
I also got this adorable sweater from their shop, fell in love with it at first sight!
I originally wanted to wear/coordinate it with a patterned shirt inside so that the collar would be visible, but I realized I don't have any shirts like that so... sigh. orz
imageOutfit Rundownimage
Hat: Link (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Wig: Taobao
Jacket: Lolita Store
Shirt: Cute Harajuku
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Himi'Store
Since it was bear themed, I combined it with another bear themed item, this one is a sailor jacket!
It is thick and keeps you very warm, not to mention it's also very adorable with the bear featured symbols all around it!
I also used it in one of my videos here;
As for another outfit of the day, I went for this black "devil" dress!
Free Shipping 2 Colors Kawaii Angel and Devil Dress LK15103005
imageBlack Devil Dress/White Angel Dressimage
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
It comes in two colors as in angel and devil, but I went for the black one, it appealed a lot more to me. The thing I liked the most about this is the sleeves! They have such a unique shape and make me feel so cute, even if I'm the devil ; v ;)///
imageOutfit Rundownimage
Horns: eBay
Wig: Rockstar Wigs-Rhapsody Series (Discount code: anzu10)
Dress: Lolita Store
Tights: Gift from DOBUSU
Shoes: Taobao

I also got a pair of pink boots from Lolita Store, but I think they don't sell it anymore, though they still have some shoes up on their store.
Still, since I took some photos of them, I will just throw them in here!

I have always wanted some cute pink boots like these, and I'm glad I was finally able to get them!
I'm x3842 more glad that they are comfortable! I wish they were a bit higher in the heel part but, I still like them a lot. Maybe when they get really damaged, I will upgrade to a higher one!
More pastel coloured cute coordinates incoming! <3

And these are my recent gets!
Which one is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below!
Bye bye!