✩✩[MakeUp Tutorial]Etude House Face V Line Slim Maker&Bling Bling Eye Stick&VDL Festival(Creamy) Blusher Review

Phew! Today was a very tiring day.
We did a Anna&Elsa photoshoot with Edniz and Arya, it was very fun!
Will be editing the photos soon~!

Anyway, today I'm back to review 3 products from Cosmetic-Love, I will be also posting a step-by-step makeup tutorial for it!
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My parcel took about 20 days to arrive to my dorm, and each cosmetic item was packed in a separate bubble wrap so nothing was harmed on the way. (Even if they had their own mini-boxes, they were covered in bubble wrap as well.)
Let's begin with the tutorial, and I will be talking about the products along with it.
About base-makeup, I used a concealer on my dark-circles, then a BB-cream and lastly a powder to set it on my face.
This is a photo after the base makeup is done. 
Using these lenses and this wig.
I will be focusing on the eye-makeup and blush, so I won't describe much about the base.
For the eye-makeup, I began with the eyeshadow.
I will be using a stick eyeshadow, it's my first time using it!
I have always used regular eye-shadows, so this was new to me. Surprisingly, they are very easy to apply, being a stick shape.
I went with the second color, pink, because it seems very cute.
The texture is shiny and creamy but the color doesn't pop up that much. Even if it's shiny, this one would go well with a natural look because of it's lightness.
It works just like a glue stick, you turn the bottom part and the stick eye-shadow will slowly go up.
After applying it with it's stick, I used my finger to blend it so that it would look more smooth.
I will explain the next steps with closer shots.
Apply pink eyeshadow.
Apply orange/brown-ish tones on the lower, outer part of the eye by following your eye's natural shape. And a light beige shade on the lower, inner part of your eye, again, following the natural eye shape.
Apply eyeliner, drawing a wing following your natural eye shape at first, but then going up, out of your eye shape. (Cat-eye maybe?)
False eyelashes! If you do not have any, use mascara on your lashes 3-4 layers, it would create a similar dramatic look. But ofcourse, false eye-lashes work better.
Lower lashes, following the eyeshadow. Again, if you do not have any lower lashes, use mascara on your lower lashes! This one doesn't need to be dramatic. It is also optional, you can just leave the lower lashes if you'd like.
Next I will be reviewing;
I got the color #1 Sun Gold!
This one smells AMAZING. Korean cosmetic brands rock this, seriously. Everything smells so good. ;_;
As described within the product, this item will be helping you to slim your face. I'm not sure if it's because I have a chubby face but, I didn't seem to benefit from this product. Maybe I failed at using it properly? This was the first time I have ever tried making my face look slimmer with makeup. I will give it another shot later.
The product comes with it's own brush and you just need to blend the two colors together, not using them separately.
I followed the instructions which are written on the product page, which told me to use the powder on my nose, and the sides of my cheeks, creating a V-line.
As I said a few moments ago, I couldn't see how it made my face slimmer. However, I did realize the shading on my nose and the sides of my cheeks after applying it.
Maybe it's because I'm new to this?
After that moving onto the blush.
This. This one is mY FAVORITE.
I used to use a my lip&cheek tint on my cheeks, so I was kind of familiar with the way of applying this product. It has a creamy texture, as if it's a lipstick or something.
It has a "POP" color, I mean it pops out really well, haha. 
The color I got is 501 Spain Club, by the way!
What you need to do is to pat your finger on the blusher a few times until a certain amount of it is on your finger, and then apply it on your cheeks, again by tapping on your cheeks, and maybe blend it in gently.
Because of it's creamy texture, it's very easy to blend it and it doesn't look like you stamped it on your cheeks or something. By tapping, you can blend it on your skin gently and make it look as if it is slowly fading away.
The end result of these product is this!
(Also applied a lipstick!)
I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed it!
My favorite thing about this makeup was the blush, I think it's the thing which catches attention at first!
What's your opinion? 
Let me know in the comments below!
Bye bye!


✩✩UNIQSO Dolly Eye Starry Eye Blue Lenses&Date A Live Yoshino Wig

Today I survived two presentations, I need hUGS-
But thank god they are over now. Ofcourse the projects will continue as much as before for these last two weeks but I can survive that! //I believe so I mean

Okay, enough with the small update!
What I'm here for is, to review a pair of circle lenses and a wig from Uniqso!
For the last few reviews of mine I have been trying out more natural looking lenses, as well as this one. 
Maybe I will try dramatic colors next time!
These are the ones I went with!
Dolly Eye Starry Eye Blue
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
They look like a darker shade of color in the photo, but in reality they appeared much lighter. I don't feel as comfortable with the lenses which have a huge pupil gap in the middle because my eyes are a light color. So I have to say that these would look much better on dark eyes than eyes like mine! The dark iris color would look as if it's a pupil and give that huge eye effect!
Also they are 14.8 mm, which means they will enlarge your eyes in a noticeable amount but not oh-too-big!
Dolly Eye is a nice, comfortable brand for my eyes and I didn't have any problems with them comfort-wise. But ofcourse, I was careful and didn't wear them for more than 8 hours a day! :D
Here is a shot of me wearing them for my Spreepicky photoshoot!

The wig I combined with these lenses is a long, wavy blue one.
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Once again, it is a character wig for Yoshino from Date A Live. I took a look at the anime but it didn't catch my attention much, unfortunately. So my purpose was not to cosplay the character. I liked the styling and the color shade of the wig and thought it would go well with the blue lenses!
The wig arrived with it's bangs long, and somehow I really liked how it looked like.
 It reminded me of one of my OCs I created years ago, which was an emotionless, silent character. So my photos look pretty much like that too.
But in the end I ended up styling the bangs as well.
It didn't look bad, but actually I was more satisfied with it when it's bangs were longer!
Still, a lovely wig with a lovely styling&color!
If you are planning a cosplay for Yoshino, I honestly think that the quality is suitable for her, so it's worth a try.

This was all for this post!
If you have any questions about the products, please let me know, I will try to answer them if I know the answer!
Bye bye~