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☆Spreepicky Tutu+Heart Garter+Floral Dress Review

Boo! Anzu is back with really cute items, how's that! Are you excited?
But I am!
Heehee, anyway! This review is about Spreepicky, as you can guess from the title!
They got a new banner too, It's so cute so I want to show you!

Adorable, isn't it?

Oh, also a helpful tip~!
Use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount on your purchases over $30.00!
Anyway, I will be reviewing 3 items in this review. First, I will be reviewing their heart shaped garter!  Let's go!

Heart Garter  This is the photo from their site. The garter comes in two colors, pink and black.
I chose the black one, because I can coordinate black pieces better with the clothes I own.☆
The garter was wrapped in a bubble wrap nicely so it didn't get broken nor harmed the other pieces!
Also they included a very cute note, wishing me success in my university exam which I entered last weekend. ; v ; Thank you so much Spreepicky!  The garter is a high quality piece, and has a elastic band so it won't …

✩☆LolitaDressesOnline Wig Review

HEY! Guess who is being really productive these days! So! Today I'm here to review the cutest wig ever from LolitaDressesOnline!

They sell various lolita and cosplay-ish costumes, accessoires and wigs. I haven't bought from their costumes and accessoires before, but I got a wig from them and I'm going to let you know about it's quality in this post!
The wig I got is this one; It reminds me of Seto Ayumi's hair. She's a big inspiration to me, so I really wanted this wig! Wine Red/Pink Wig
The wig arrived in 15 days! It arrived in excellent condition, packed inside a plastic package along with a wig cap! (You'll need to wear a wig cap to keep your hair in place and then wear the wig. Some sites send you a wig cap for free when you buy a wig, including LolitaDressesOnline.) The wig was styled, the bangs were cut perfectly, pretty sure I could never cut my wigs like this, haha! I can say that the wig is high quality! Not a single string of hair fell off and it…

Anzu's Spring Sheinside Favorites!

Good night everyone~! (As it is 11:30 PM in Turkey, haha!)  This time I'm not here for a review but for a wishlist/favorite list from Sheinside. Spring is almost here and we'll need cute clothes to catch up with it, no?♡  That's why I decided to combine some clothes from Sheinside and write an outfit post for you cuties, just in case if you're having a hard time finding nice clothes!
Here we go!
This one is a summer-ish outfit, but I couldn't resist because the shirt design is adorable.


You might like these if you are a fairy-kei&MyLittlePony fan! This would make a cute whole outfit with colorful socks oh gosh~ ;u;

This combine is one of the cutest things I've ever seen on Sheinside!! If you like the girly look, this is for you!

And this one is for a more street fashion focused one! Combined with thigh high black or white socks... Ahhh, I need to get these!