✩✩SpreePicky 2nd Review

So this is the second part of my Spreepicky review~!
This was not sponsored, I got it with my own money.

Now onto the stuff I got~
I got a lolita set by Infanta. The Creamy Cat Salopette+Blouse+Headbow and Wristcuffs!
I used Classical Puppets' bell shaped petticoat with it, so it looked really nice and puffy. uwu It's the best petticoat I own tbh.

The package arrived around a month, because it got stuck in customs office in Turkey for a week or so, otherwise it could have arrived sooner! Everything was packed nicely and nothing was damaged. They also put in a cute little message! <3

I was so excited I forgot to breathe lol.

✩Creamy Cat Salopette✩
✩Creamy Cat Wristcuffs✩
✩Creamy Cat Headbow✩

Also, the set comes in 3 different colors, so make sure to check them out before your purchase!

And some photos while wearing it,

With the new bell shaped petti I got, the skirt looks really puffy and I feel like a princess! 

And a photo from behind, because it has a really cute cat eared hoodie and you should see it!

And some details,

Can you see those cute little paws!? ;w;

I loved the colors, print, everything! It's really comfortable to wear too! The shirt comes apart from it's ribbon, so you have the choice to wear it or not. Also there are 5 of those ribbons which are attached to salopette, you can wear it however you want. I'm planning on turning the other two into headbows!
The fabric is thick and good quality and I'm really happy with this purchase!

The headbow and wristcuffs are really pretty, here is a close up photo of them,

I want to live in this dress forever. qvq

✩Creamy Cat Salopette✩
✩Creamy Cat Wristcuffs✩
✩Creamy Cat Headbow✩

And for your purchases over $30.00, use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount!

✩Spreepicky Storenvy✩

Stay tuned for the next part, it's not over!

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✩✩Sheinside Review

Hello everyone! How is it going!?
For me, it's a bit tiresome. Exams at school and course and nothing else, haha.
But today, I'm going to write another review~! uwu

This time I got sponsored by Sheinside, and they let me chose two pieces of their items. It's winter soooo I went for the sweatshirts!

They arrived around 15-20 days, which is normal and maybe a bit surprising since it's busy in shipping services. Ordering around these times, be prepared to wait longer!
Items arrived in excellent condition, and in seperate plastic pags which can be used for storing your clothes, I really liked the packages!
They were both free size, and I checked their measurements before ordering, so nothing went wrong about them fitting me. Actually I expected them to look bigger on me, since they were free size. But they fit me perfectly(especially the skeleton sweatshirt) and I am very pleased with them!

One has a Mickey Mouse print and the other one has a skeleton design (not exactly a print). I didn't have much time to combine two different outfits and since their colors were similar, I just wore them on a combine I made before! /excuse my laziness hahAh

In this photo, I'm wearing Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt. This one is free size as well, and a bit loose on me, which I like. uwu The print is really nice and good quality, and didn't have any defects.

Outfit Rundown:Hat: Taobao
Wig: Taobao
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Skirt: Ebay
Tights: Ebay
Boots: Aliexpress

Aaaand this is the Skeleton Sweatshirt. This one fit me perfectly, so I'm really happy with it! I wanted to combine it with my skeleton tights, hehe.

Outfit Rundown:
Wig: GothicLolitaWigs
Hairpins: Ebay
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Skirt: Ebay
Tights: Ebay
Boots: Aliexpress

Aaaand, that was all! Don't forget to check Sheinside's other awesome items, everyone!

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✩✩Rulercosplay Wig Review

Good day everyone~!
This time I'm writing a review for Rulercosplay.

"Rulercosplay is a professional COSPLAY (Costume Play) product enterprise which integrates design, production and marketing. Our main Cosplay Costumes include various types of Cosplay Wigs,Animated cartoon game clothing,Japan uniforms, Sailor suits and many others."

They also sell lots of high quality cosplay wigs. They have many color/style choices and I'm pretty sure there are wigs for any character in their site.

For the wig I chose it is this one, and looks like this on the site.

I used to plan cosplaying Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum, but I'm not as sure now. ;u; I was only interested in getting a natural colored wig, so I chose this one. (I also wondered if long straight wigs will look good on me.)

The wig arrived in about 20-25 days, and was shipped with Standard Air Mail to Turkey. It didn't have any flaws, and arrived in excellent condition. It was nicely packed in a plastic bag and was untangled!
It's soft and long, and doesn't fall out. I really liked it's color, I might use it in ootd photos in future!
Styling this wig was easy too, it was easy to cut it's bangs and brush it and no hair fell out. (I didn't cut much.)

Here are some photos of me wearing it.

And some full photos ;w;

So far I loved this wig! I'm planning on wearing it more with sweet style coordinates but we'll see!

You can purchase the wig here.

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Thank you for reading~!


✩✩SpreePicky Review

Hello everyone! 
I-I'm so excited for this review you have no idea ;w; I have so many cute stuff to show you!

But first let me introduce you to Spreepicky, the store you can buy those cute stuff from!
"SpreePicky was found in August, 2013 with a idea of picking customer the best cute fashion with lower cost and best shopping experience. We professional team know what's the best loved items you might fond of and we have the best price for the shipping with fast service. <3"

SpreePicky sells everything cute, from wigs to cute clothes, and sometimes cosplay costumes! Most of stuff are related to japanese culture, so I'm really interested in their store!
Also, you can message them if you need your package fast, because they also offer express shipping too~

✩Use the code "anzujaamu" on your purchases over $30.00 to get a %10 discount!✩
For the first item, I'm going to review a wig, which I got for my Silica cosplay. But I used it with a lolita outfit, which I will be reviewing for Spree Picky in next parts of the review! uwu
The wig is really nice and excellent quality, it doesn't show the hair net or anything and looks very natural. Also, the pigtails are detachable so you can use the base wig as short hair too! I really love this wig.

I love it's color hnnn~
✩Silica Wig✩

And another wig, it has really vibrant colours!

The wig comes styled and layered like this, but the bangs are longer. I cut them suitable for my face to take a nice photo. I really love the colors, it doesn't give a bad shiny look, and looks surprisingly natural for a vibrant colored wig like this.
✩Harajuku Wig✩

It extends from behind and gives a cute/crazy look and I love it so much omg ;w; I like to ruffle it, it's really soft. Also you can tie the extensions in braids to make a cuter look! I will try that sometime and post some photos.

You can also find those cute tights on SpreePicky, and they have a special offer for tights/stockings. When you buy 2 pairs of tights, you get 3 of them! 

First Tights;

Can you see the cute ears of the cat? I love it!
✩Cute Cat Stockings✩

The design is really nice! I think it would look really good when they are coordinated with black shorts.
✩Lace Stockings✩

Those stockings go well with brighter colors. They have cute diamond-lookig stones on them and they don't come off when you wear/take off the tights, so I can say they are good quality!

And to my favorites, the galaxy skirt and galaxy tights!

I love those so much, as soon as I get a nice top for them, I will make good coordinates qvq
✩Galaxy Skirt✩
✩Galaxy Tights✩

✩Use the code "anzujaamu" on your purchases over $30.00 to get a %10 discount!✩

Sorry for the bad mirror photos, I didn't have a body height mirror at that moment, but I got one! From now on outfit photos will be better, I promise. I also plan on posting "ootd" photos when I have time in future so stay tuned!

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✩ anzujaamu@gmail.com ✩

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!


✩✩Pinky Paradise Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review

I am back with another review ohoho~ uwu

Today I'm going to review a pair of lenses sponsored by PinkyParadise!
In case you don't know, Pinky Paradise is a web store which specializes in selling circle lenses, as well as brand cosmetic products like Diamond Lash, Dolly Wink etc.

Now, let's move on to the lenses I chose.
I recently got a purple/mint blend wig from GLW, so I thought violet lenses would look good with it!
I also like bigger lenses, so I chose Vassen Dolly Plus Violet.
Don't worry if you have myopia, I have a prescription on 6.00 power, so by choosing the right power in the range 0.00 to 8.00, it will be okay. (Though I recommend asking your doctor before purchasing!)

Here is how the lenses pictured on the website.

I also like the black ring around it, it makes your eyes look larger. uwu
The lenses are between 14.5mm-15.0mm diameter. My favorite. 8D

The lenses arrived in like 15 days and I was surprised, since lots of my parcels takes around 20+ days to arrive. Inside the package I found these~

Lenses in their glass bottle, violet elephant animal lens cases, and a thing to... Well, you simply brush your hair back with it and it holds your hair back when you apply makeup so you don't get your hair dirty with foundation/any makeup. Very useful, in my opinion.

I have blue eyes, and I think it's not a good thing when it comes to circle lenses since the blue keeps showing up when my pupils gets little in the light. If you have brown eyes, your eye color would look like pupils when you have lenses in and it would help you look even cuter! uvu
Also, I think the lenses were really comfortable. My eyes didn't get dry as much as they do with other lenses. (I use an eye drop to avoid getting uncomfortable. You can ask your doctor for one if your eyes get dry when you put in lenses.)


Yes, this one is a bit better.

Overall, these might be my favorite lenses so far. I really want to try these in different colors, maybe in brown or gray? The design is really cute!

And a little tip, if you use the code "anzujaamu" at the checkout, Pinky Paradise will throw in a special gift for you! ;3

That's all for today!
Thank you for reading~!


✩Anzu's Sheinside Favorites✩

Hello everyone~!

I often get asked about the stores which sell Harajuku clothes. So today I'm going to introduce you to a nice site where you can find them!

The site is Sheinside~

Winter is almost here, and the weather is very cold in Turkey. So I chose some of my favorite jackets/jumpers for you to see from Sheinside!

For first collage, I found some Harajuku inspired clothes.

Cross Sweater

And for the ones who would want more like a "sweet" look, I arranged pink-ish, bright clothes~!

Sheinside also sells very nice skirts/shorts and tights, so make sure to check them out~!


If you have any questions, please mail me at,

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✩✩Eagle Fashion False Lashes 3rd Review

Good morning! (well it is morning in my country so)

Today I'm back with another review~ I have new lashes to show you!

They were sent to me by Eagle Fashion Limited Company, they are a factory which produces fake lashes and some of them are even handmade!

The package took some time to arrive, because it was sent from Hong Kong and right now the shipping companies are having trouble delivering, because there are a lot of deliveries to be made.
So if you need an item urgent, it's not guarenteed you will receive your package shortly. You should choose the EMS option by messaging the seller!

I tried on one of the lashes as usual because I didn't want to use all of them at once!

Here is what I tried on,

They are handmade natural lashes, incredibly soft and has a "natural" thickness!

I tried these lashes on with my new wig, and here are the results,

(actually no filter this time congratulations to me)

(okay back to filters because the wig seems better with it~!)
Do you notice the natural thickness? It doesn't give a fake look and looks like I did an excellent job on using a mascara~! ;3

Also a little tip, if you use a mascara (just a bit) on these natural lashes, they will look even cuter!

Let's move onto the other lashes I got!

These are thicker than the previous one, but they are like an extension. I think it'd be great to use them on the outer corner of eyes to create a thicker look on side lashes. uwu

These could be one of my favorites! I really love sets, haha. Also they are not as thick as the other ones but really long! I think they would look really cute with a lolita outfit. Gotta try it soon~! <3

And WOW look at these! 8D They are actually painted(?) in British Flag and I--
I don't know how/where to use them. But they could be useful for holidays like Halloween or something? And woah they are REALLY long. They look pretty cool though!

These were all for this time!
I will be back with new reviews soon~
Please check out Eagle Fashion Company if you want to see more of their cool lashes!


If you have any questions, please mail me at,

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day~!


✩✩YIWU JIASINI COSPLAY Harajuku Wig&Akazawa Izumi Wig Review

I was inactive for a while and I apologize for that. I will try my best to be active from now on, but I must pay attention to my exams for a few months. uwu;

I have two wigs to review today. And they are from an aliexpress seller~
They are a wig factory, and they are cheaper compared to other stores because of that. They might be cheaper, but their quality is great!

 I wrote a review for them before, for another Harajuku style wig, and you can read it here:

If you want to check out their store, here is a link:


The wigs were shipped with Standart Air Mail and they took about a month to arrive. If you want to receive the wigs sooner, you can always choose the EMS or DHL shipping options, which will take about 7-9 business days.
The wigs were packed nicely, in their own plastic pockets. None of them were harmed. This is really important, because sometimes items can get damaged in mail.

Now let's move on to the wigs~
First, here is the store owner's favorite. It's a brown/pink mixed Harajuku wig whic costs 16.90 USD+free shipping.
[Brown/Pink Harajuku Wig]

It has a nice brown color, but the pink shade isn't my favorite. The brown fades into pink with a nice effect. Also, the wig is really soft! If you act carelessly, it might get tangled, but you can always brush it softly and untangle it.
Here are some photos~
Derp Sara strikes!

I think this wig is great for daily use, and goes well with Street/Harajuku fashion.
Also with styling, i'm sure it will look even cuter! I didn't want to cut the bangs by myself, I was scared of cutting too much so I brushed them to side and took some photos~

The second wig is a cosplay wig. It's Akazawa Izumi's wig from Another. I really liked that anime, and the character was one of my favorites, so I like this wig x2. uwu
[Akazawa Izumi Wig]

The wig was packed apart from it's ponytails, and they came in 2 different packets. The ponytails were untangled and they were really soft, I was really amazed!! Also, there were 2 cute blue ribbons with it, for cosplay purpose. They didn't have hair pins, but I'm going to use them as soon as I stick them to some hair pins!
It has a nice dark brown/dark red(idk how to explain that colour) colour and the base wig has cute extentions from it. You can use the base wig alone too, it looks really cute!

Here are some more photos~

I think it looks cuter with one ponytail!

Blurry... ;v;

And for the last, a full photo,


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✩✩GEO Diamond Series in Brown Lens Review from UNIQSO

I'm back with a new review for you!

This time I will be reviewing brown circle lenses, sponsored by UNIQSO.

As you know, circle lenses are very important, because fake lenses can damage your eyes. So you need to pay attention where you buy lenses from. Uniqso is a safe site I can recommend, I have never had problems with their lenses before. Also, when you buy GEO lenses from them, you can always check if the lenses are real or not by using the code on the lens bottle on GEO Medical's official site.

Now, let's move onto the lenses I chose!
I wanted to try a different color so I chose brown! I have blue eyes, so wondered how I'd look like if I had brown eyes.
I chose GEO Xtra WTB34 Brown (a.k.a Diamond Series) which are 15 mm. These are pretty big lenses, and I think Uniqso also has 16 mm lenses!

The package reached me in 15-20 days, coming from Malaysia. I think it came in a average time, so it's okay~! It was sent by standart shipping. The package was wrapped nicely around bubble wrap and it reached me without any damage.
Inside, there was this cute little box!

I have bought from other sites before, but I haven't received such a cute packagement before! uwu It had written "Thank you!" all over the box in different languages. They also sent a lens case next to it.

And I forgot to mention, Uniqso has plano lenses to -10.00 prescription lenses. I have myopia, and it's -6.00 and -5.75 for my eyes, so I got the closest prescriptions after asking my doctor. They didn't have -5.75 so I got -5.50!
They also have toric lenses, available for some designs! Check out their site for them!

Here are some photos if you want to see how they look like when they are put on.

It has a gap in the middle because pupils get wider in the dark and it shouldn't cover my vision when I'm in a dark room. I really like their design, they indeed remind me of diamonds! The color shows up in a dark brown and gives a dolly effect by making your eyes bigger.
They are also comfortable, my eyes are normally dry, but I didn't feel and discomfort when I had these on.
Here are more photos~!

Hair looks a bit messy there ;v;

I really liked how these lenses turned out! And I definitely recomment Uniqso to you. Lenses are safe, comfortable and lasts for a year if you take care of them properly.
You can always check GEO lenses' safety on GEO Medical's official site!

Also stay tuned on UNIQSO, because they usually make big promotions! 

If you have any questions, please contact me at:


Thank you for reading, have a good day~!