☆☆UNIQSO Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet Lenses&Black Pigtail Wig&Ichinose Wig Review

I came up with a new makeup idea for today's review.
It's basically a "beat-up", bloody look I did with fake blood and band aid.
The photos are from my first try, but I will be working on it to perfect it!
After that I might post a tutorial of it for you guys as well.
Shop Uniqso
As for today's review, I will be reviewing 2 wigs and a pair of circle lenses.
I took the photos a while ago, so I'm not sure about these items' shipping time. But I always receive my items from Uniqso with express shipping, so they arrive at my house at about 3 to 5 days. Their standart shipping will take up to 20-25 days though, so make sure to order them in time.
They also ship their wigs and circle lenses from different warehouses, so keep that in mind as well!

Let's start with the lenses.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!These are quite popular among circle lenses. They come in 16.2 mm (huge!), and even if they have a unique color like violet, they have some yellow shades in them as well as darker shades of purple, so they appear to look natural, as in a natural-vibrant category. There is also a cosplay-vibrant category in my mind and the Twilight series is a great example for them.
Also, I have had problems with the Barbie brand at past, their lenses tend to get really dry in my eyes and one pair was almost as if they were stuck in my eyes before, since they were too dry and I panicked a lot as I took them out. So I was kinda nervous when I ordered these, but it turned out okay. My main reason to finally order from Barbie was that these lenses were very popular, so I figured out I wouldn't have any problems with them. Thank god I was right.
Still, I think I will try and stick to my favorite brands from now on as well.
But I am quite happy with this item!
When worn on light eyes, the outer purple color was noticeable, and the yellow-ish shades faded into my natural eye color without creating a weird look. I really liked how soft and smooth the color faded away into the natural color.
However I also noticed that my eyes almost looked grey in one of my photos when I got sunlight onn me, stronger than usual! That was only from a distance though.
These lenses also look great on dark colored eyes, they might even turn out better on them from what I see from the other customer photos!
The wig I first combined with these lenses was this one.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The hair resembles Hatsune Miku's hair indeed, but it is black. This can be a good choice for a Black Rock Shooter cosplay, in my opinion!
The wig arrived detangled, I didn't even have to brush it to detangle when I took out the pigtails. The base wig is very long also, it almost passes my chin. So you can style it however you want and also use it without the pigtails. You can actually use this wig in 3 different ways by removing the pigtails.
I also saw that the pigtails are a little bit thinner/smaller than the Miku wig I got from Uniqso before, so they are a little bit lighter as well. I didn't have any trouble weight-wise when I used them but the pigtails do easily get tangled, so be careful when you use and store them!

You can see how the lenses look grey-ish in this photo.

I also have a bonus one I tried with my ponytail-Saber wig!
I think this cold-but-strong look suits her well.

I will be showing a bonus wig also!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Another wig I got for non-cosplay purposes! The color and hairstyle resembled my OC, Anzu, so I ended up getting it! The color is quite different from her though, but I still like the wig a lot!
The base is really puffy and has soft hair, it is easy to cut and style. Same goes for the pigtails, they were quite long for me though, so I ended up cutting them shorter for my desires.
I think this one was one of the greatest wigs I got!
Ended up combining it with the Beuberry Chariot Green lenses and the Anzu shirt I got from the Personal Mahou shop!

My post ends here.
I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions which I forgot to answer in the post, let me know in the comments so I can help out!
Bye bye~!


☆☆Society6 Princess Koneko-Chan Biker Tank Top Print Review

Yes, me. ME. ME!
Sorry I'm getting too excited--
I have been waiting for this day for 2 years now I finally have a hOLIDAY-
And I will be able to focus on my blog, tutorials and cosplays as I wish!
Starting with a new, light-eye makeup tutorial!
If you have any recommendations for new videos, go on and let me know in the comments!
I plan on recording more videos throughout the summer, if I can.
Alright, moving onto today's review, then!
I will be reviewing an amazing artist's works which can be printed on clothings, stationary etc. on Society6!
The lovely Dashiana's shop is called Princess Koneko-Chan. the name comes from the character she's building her character around, Koneko-Chan. Her illustrations are based on the creepy-cute looks, and her characters catch our attention mainly with their fangs/teeth which cover their entire face. Each of her illustrations have a title/theme, which is usually written under the illustrations as the part of their compositions.
Her shop is on Society6, which is a site you can buy/sell original artworks printed on products.
imagePrincess Koneko-Chan Shopimage
imageKoneko-Chan FB Pageimage
You do not take care of the printing/quality part when you are selling on Society6, which is a really good thing, because finding a cheap, nice printing factories can be very hard. Also this is a great choice if the shipping prices from your country are pretty expensive.

I was able to choose the product and the illustration which was going to be printed on it, and after browsing and having a really hard time deciding, I ended up choosing the biker tank with this illustration.
Take a Hint! Biker Tank
image"Take a Hint" Biker Tankimage
Now, the product photo's printing color vibrancy might not be very accurate, as it is only a preview, not a original shot. However the base, the product is accurate because the site uses the same products they show in the photos. They also have a big variety of products from sweatshirts to tank tops, and art prints to phone cases, so make sure to check them out first!
After deciding on this item, I checked the size chart and chose the one which is the most suitable for me.
I don't know when exactly the item was shipped out to me, but it should be around 1-2 days after the order was placed. I ended up receiving the product in no time, such a short time that I couldn't even find the time to wonder if it was shipped out or not.
The item was folded carefully by the employees of Society6, and there was thin paper placed on top of the print, so that it wouldn't get damaged on the way. I really liked how careful they were taking care of their products.
Here is a closeup of what it looked like;
Because of the strong lighting it turned out lighter than it really looks like from the mirror, but in reality the colors are more vibrant. After closer inspectation, I made sure that the print did not have any defects too, which is quite awesome!
And once again, I fell in love with Dashiana's art style as well as the coloring style!
She has a great imagination as well, to being able to combine the cuteness and creepiness like this, and delivering the message she had in her mind.
I wish I had the same curly pink wig though, I could have worked much more on my face to match the illustration then!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: eBay
Shirt: Princess Koneko-Chan
Tights: Taobao
Boots: Choies
And one more time, we are at the end of another review.
I hope the review was helpful for you, but if I forgot to mention anything, please let me know in the comments so that I can help out!
Bye bye for now, love you!


☆☆Michi Michi Rainbow Land Review

Good afternoon everyone!
If you are following me more than a few months, I'm sure you remember the shop Michi Michi Rainbow!
Shop Michi Michi Rainbow
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!

Well, I will be reviewing a few new products from their store- a few that I am way too late to post about!
(Sorry about that, Teresa!)

I will try to make it short for you then, let's see the first, and my favorite item!
Yellow Pokemon Acrylic Necklace
Pokémon Necklace
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
It does come in one color for the charm, but you can choose from a few available colors for the chain! As for me, I got it in a black color. It is an handmade item, and I am guessing that it was made by a special Pokémon mold. I mean, it looks sharp and perfect, so a mold, for sure. The material is plastic, if you are wondering!
The chain comes a bit long, but if you prefer it to be shorter, I'm sure Teresa can help out, so make sure to send her a message for it!
The vibrance of it's colors went really good with Gumi's colorful wig, don't you think so?

The remaining items are some very cute tights, I will go with the Totoro one first.
Totoro Green Leaf Knee High Hosiery Pantyhose Tattoo Socks Leggings Tights Stockings
Totoro Tights
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
They have a few alternate versions of the Totoro tights, but I think this one is so far the best one with it's green leaf and pink beads. The tights are surprisingly strong and thick. The thickness doesn't make it stretch less though, it stretches just fine. Some tights are kind of short on me, but these fit me just okay and I'm pretty sure they would stretch even more for a taller person as well. ( I am 164 cm btw!)
Even if they are tights, they appear to look as if they are thigh high socks!

Last, but not least tights have the same style- they look as if they are thigh high socks, but this time they have a panda pattern on them.
Panda Knee High Hosiery Pantyhose Tattoo Socks Leggings Tights Stockings
Panda Tights
You can use the code "anzujaamu10" for a %10 discount~!
They appear to made of the same material as the Totoro tights, because they can stretch a lot without any sign of forcing themselves. They have a thick but soft texture and again, are not easy to rip. Still, don't try too hard haha.......
They even have pink beads on their cheeks as a blush, I loved it!

They didn't have to stretch a lot, so you can see that both the black and white colors still look opaque!

Aaaand this was all for my review, but these are not all from the Michi Michi Rainbow Shop!
Make sure to check out their items if you are planning on getting one or two from these items, that way you can save on shipping too. Also they offer free tracking number for orders over 50 Euro, if you are planning to spend close to that, you can use it to your advantage.

See you later and bye bye!