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☆☆End of March Wishlist

Hello everyone!
I decided I could make some wishlists in my free times, what do you think?
It'll be mostly clothes and accessoires! I really enjoy combining outfits.

Fishnet Socks
☆Corset Belt☆
☆Heart Shoes☆

Mostly dark-ish looks, but I kind of like this style now! Doesn't mean I don't go for cute tho! :3
See ya!

☆☆March Outfit Update!

It snowed today. It's March.
And I'm insisting on wearing very thin clothing! I hardly catch a cold, but when I do, I'm THIS close to death. So I'm waiting for my fate...

This post's looks are all dark!

Sheer Long Dress
Good Girls Club Shirt
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Spreepicky (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Hairpins: Claire's
Top&Sheer Dress: Shein
Shorts: Bershka
Boots: Local Shop

Velvet Top
Outfit Rundown
Bow: Taobao
Wig: Uniqso (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Top: Shein
Skirt: Romwe

Ripped Black Pants Outfit Rundown
Beanie: Local Shop
Wig: Spreepicky (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Top&Pants: Shein

Expect more outfit posts! :3
And... I may have a little little surprise in future!
I'll see you in the next post then!  Bubai!