✩✩Assist Cosplay Wig Review

Good day everyone!
Today, I'm going to review a professional cosplay site, Assist Cosplay.

This shop is located in Japan, and they have so many choices for their wigs. For example, you want a wig in green, but you can't find that shade of green anywhere! But when you go on Assist Cosplay's site,
See how many choices they have? They have different color shades for different colors as well! And you can find different length/styled wigs.
Now, to the wig I chose. I wanted to try a different style, and unlike the other sellers, they had a wig without any bangs. I chose the silver color. Here is a photo from the site.

The prices are higher than the aliexpress and the ebay sellers, but it's definitely worth it!
Those wigs are heat resistant, and they don't get tangled at all. Also, you can tell that the quality is very different from the other sellers, just by touching the wig. It's very soft and beautiful. You can style/wash them too~  And you can use them for a very very long time. uwu

The site shipped them in no time. It was shipped with EMS and it came in mail in 5 days! I was really surprised. It was also packed really nicely, with bubble wrap inside the package. When you took everything out, it looked like this.
Isn't it beautiful!? I've never received any of my wigs like that. It was inside this cute little fabric pocket, along with their mascot, Ashinyan and a lot of Japanese cosplay magazines.

All the magazines and flyers are so pretty, you'll love to check them out! ;u;

Here is the cutest Ashinyan, mascot of the Assist Cosplay!

He is a cute phone strap and I will carry him everywhere with me. ;////; <3

And inside the package, the wig was packed nicely inside a plastic pocket with 2 different wig caps!
So I prepared a gothic themed outfit for the photoshoot, and took nice photos!
Here you go, the lovely wig from Assist Cosplay~!

Hope you liked the photos~! Make sure to check their site out for many more wigs/licensed costumes and pretty shoes~! <3
If you have any questions for the store, don't hesitate to leave a message/mail to their site. Ayumi-san will check your questions and reply to you with her flawless English in no time!


If you have any questions, please ask me via e-mail;

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✩✩Eagle Fashion False Lashes 2nd Review

Two posts in a day!

   I'm very productive aren't I!?

Hehee, anyway, this time I'm going to show you some new pretty false lashes.

I was sponsored by Eagle Fashion Limited Company~! They said they got some new style false lashes and wanted me to advertise them for you. Some of them are handmade too! They are very soft and natural. Also if you don't want to spend all your money on a pair of eyelash, this store is perfect. It's cheap for good quality lashes like this~!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message the seller, they will make sure to answer your questions!

As always, they were packed nicely with bubble wrap so they reached me without damage, in excellent condition.
It arrived in 15-20 days. But the seller ships the items right after the purchase and provides you tracking number.

I tried one of the lashes, so I'm going to show it first to you. uwu
The first lashes are these;
I loved how they go longer when they reach the side of your eye. Also they are not too thick and you can see that they are very soft like real lashes when you touch them. That's why I love these series. No one actually realizes that you have fake lashes on~
I tried them on with a more natural make up. I used mascara for my lower lashes to achieve the natural look and this happened;

See how they get longer on the sides? You can also use mascara on these lashes to make them pop out!
I absolutely love this and recommend it.

Here are more photos;

I just can't do without the fish face.

Now let's move on to the other fabulous lashes!
This is from the same series as the first one, but thicker and longer. They are also very soft and good quality!

Another natural one. I recommend wearing this if you want natural looking long lashes, but don't want to use the mascara. uwu Perfect for an everyday make up.
Another natural one. Also this is how these series look like fully packed. This is longer than the previous one, but not as thick as the others. Again, perfect for an everyday, cute make up~!

 These are absolutely gorgeous! They are very thick and long, and they come in a box like this, and each box has 10 pairs inside. They are also very soft. But you might have to customize them according to your eye by cutting some from the end of it. I will definitely use them for a future cosplay!

If you can't decide which lashes to buy, this is perfect! The box contains 10 pairs but 10 different lashes! They are so pretty and great quality! The last 5 pairs are lower lashes, and I love lower lashes. It also contains brown lower lashes(last two pairs) and a blue mix black lower lash.(fifth one)
I love every one of them and this box is perfect for someone who can't decide like me! I loved the brown ones by the way. They will look natural, and dolly when they are on~

My review is done, but these are not all the lashes they sell. Make sure to check out their store to find your favorite style~! I recommend this store to everyone.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at:


Thank you for reading~!

✩✩Harajuku Cosplay Wig Review

I'm back again to introduce you to a very lovely wig!

The store mainly focuses on cosplay and fashion wigs, and they are a factory, which means you will be able to find these wigs on a cheap price compared to the other stores! They also offer free shipping depending on where you live.
They also sell quality cosplay costumes, you can check their store to see them.


Now let's move to the wig I chose. It's a blue mixed with brown Harajuku wig. I have a fashion for Harajuku, you  know. I couldn't hold myself back when I saw this beautiful wig.
Here is a link to the wig I chose.

The wig arrived in excellent condition with a free wig cap next to it! It took some time to reach Turkey, but that's because of the crappy shipping company in Turkey.
The wig is really soft and good quality. The hair never fell off like the other wigs and you can't see through the hair since it's a lot and covers your wig cap well!
And ofcourse, I took a lot of photos!

So much blue and derpness!

Fish face!

We had a lot of fun with Stitch~!

I liked the lighting in my room so I took a lot of photos!

And with some different lighting~

Overall, both the wig and the seller is perfect. Since they are the factory, they sell at a lower price, and they have lots of choices! Also you can send them a message for custom wigs too!
They will definitely make sure you will be satisfied with their products.
Make sure to check their lovely store out! They have cosplay costumes, cosplay, fashion and even Disney Princess' wigs! They are all lovely products.


If you have any questions, please contact me at:


Thank you for taking your time to read~! Have a good day!