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☆☆Outfit Update! (Shein)

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am still in Japan and am OK. I also contacted my family and friends, and they are safe as well.
Thanks for all the nice wishes.

Now, I will be moving onto my usual outfit update.
Stars&Stripes Print Vest
Universe Top
Outfit Rundown
Wig: AQUADOLL via SamuraiBuyer
Top&Vest: Shein
Shorts: UNIQLO
Bag: CO&LU
Shoes: WEGO

Music Shirt
Outfit Rundown
Wig: UNIQSO (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Pants&Shoes: WEGO
Accessoires: Claire's&Thank You Mart 390

Transparent Coat
Anime Eyes Print Top
Outfit Rundown
Top&Coat: Shein
Pants: GU
Shoes: LaGrace Mart

Sorry, I'm still quite taken away by what's been happening, so I couldn't write much this time.
Thank you for reading.
See you!

☆☆Outfit Update! (Cute Harajuku & Kokopie)

Hey hey!  I hope everything is going well!
For me, it's been super busy but I finally have some time to do a new update featuring Cute Harajuku Store and Kokopie Store.
So let's go!?

For the first outfit, I have used the following items~!
Strawberry Sweater
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
Blue Skirt
Transparent Boots
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
Outfit Rundown
Hairpins: SWIMMER
Choker: Made by me
Jacket&Boots: Cute Harajuku (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Shirt: Double Focus
Skirt: Kokopie Shop
Socks: WEGO

Charm: gonhanamizz

Second Outfit, go!!!

Transparent Hoodie
(Discount code: anzujaamu)
Rainbow Backpack
(Discount code: anzujaamu)

Outfit Rundown
Wig: Sweet Star
Hairpins&Accessoires: Claire's and Co&Lu
Hoodie&Bag: Cute Harajuku
Inside Top: Forever 21
Belt&Pants&Socks: WEGO

I also got some space themed things recently
Haven't really made up a full coordinate with all of them, but I will go full out with them soon!
For now, here are the photos with th…