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☆☆UNIQSO Chiaki Nanami&Peko Pekoyama Wig Review

Hello there~! Sorry for leaving here without any updates for a while. About the news... 2 days ago I registered to the university! I will be moving to the dorm on September 1st I think. The next two days I will have to enter an English exam because I want to skip the first year. I'm confident BUT the exam prodecure scared me a little. Essays and stuff.  I can't even write formally. I also had an operation for my wisdom teeth yesterday and right now my left cheek is about the same size as my head, HAHA- No, seriously. It hurts so much.  It better heals soon or the next thing I punch won't be the couch. Anyway! In this post I'm going to review 2 new wigs from Uniqso and both are Dangan Ronpa related.
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This time the shipping took so little time! It took around 2-3 days to process my order(ordered 4 wigs) and it took around a week(?) to arrive. It was shipped with a fast shipping option apparently! All the wi…

☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

Hello cuties~! I'm back with another outfit haul for Sheinside, hehehe~ I'm excited because I received some very cute items. So let's get started! Shop Sheinside As usual it took about 3-5 days to process my order and around 15-25 days for me to receive my items in the mail. The items were packed nicely in their parcel, each of them in their own plastic bag. For the first time, I didn't need to iron the skirt, haha. Usually it gets crushed, so... This time it came out as if it was recently ironed. I will link two items first, as I combined them together for the recent outfit. Cloud Print Jacket White Pleated Skirt I like soft colors a lot! So when I saw this cute print AND it's soft/pastel blue color, I fell in love. I'm so glad I was able to get such a cute item for my wardrobe! The cloth material for the jacket is polyester and I think it is not suitable for hot days because these kind of clothes make people sweat a lot and it's not very nice. But so far, I…

☆☆Anzu's Choies Favorites

Hello! Sorry for being slightly inactive these days, I've been struggling with some problems. Hopefully some of them will be settled by next month. In today's post I will be introducing you to another online shop which specializes in Women Fashion! Shop Choies I prepared a little "favorites" list for you and I hope you enjoy it!
Crop Top&Skater Skirt Cherry Crop Top
Cherry Shorts
Watermelon Print Dress
Banana Print Dress
Pink Dress