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✩✩Assist Cosplay Wig Review

Good day everyone!
Today, I'm going to review a professional cosplay site, Assist Cosplay.

This shop is located in Japan, and they have so many choices for their wigs. For example, you want a wig in green, but you can't find that shade of green anywhere! But when you go on Assist Cosplay's site,
See how many choices they have? They have different color shades for different colors as well! And you can find different length/styled wigs.
Now, to the wig I chose. I wanted to try a different style, and unlike the other sellers, they had a wig without any bangs. I chose the silver color. Here is a photo from the site.

The prices are higher than the aliexpress and the ebay sellers, but it's definitely worth it!
Those wigs are heat resistant, and they don't get tangled at all. Also, you can tell that the quality is very different from the other sellers, just by touching the wig. It's very soft and beautiful. You can style/wash them too~  And you can use them for a very very long time. uwu

The site shipped them in no time. It was shipped with EMS and it came in mail in 5 days! I was really surprised. It was also packed really nicely, with bubble wrap inside the package. When you took everything out, it looked like this.
Isn't it beautiful!? I've never received any of my wigs like that. It was inside this cute little fabric pocket, along with their mascot, Ashinyan and a lot of Japanese cosplay magazines.

All the magazines and flyers are so pretty, you'll love to check them out! ;u;

Here is the cutest Ashinyan, mascot of the Assist Cosplay!

He is a cute phone strap and I will carry him everywhere with me. ;////; <3

And inside the package, the wig was packed nicely inside a plastic pocket with 2 different wig caps!
So I prepared a gothic themed outfit for the photoshoot, and took nice photos!
Here you go, the lovely wig from Assist Cosplay~!

Hope you liked the photos~! Make sure to check their site out for many more wigs/licensed costumes and pretty shoes~! <3
If you have any questions for the store, don't hesitate to leave a message/mail to their site. Ayumi-san will check your questions and reply to you with her flawless English in no time!


If you have any questions, please ask me via e-mail;

Bye bye~!


  1. bu güzel kostüm-peruk-makyaj üçlüsü çanak antenden daha iyi bi arka fon istiomuş bence...o da olsaymış wuhuuu....yine de neredeyse perfect bayıldım...harika!!^^ <3

    1. Aynen~ ;_; Ama arka bahçenin ışığı mükemmeldi ve uzakalra gidemedik, böyle oldu *-* Çok teşekkürler~! <3

  2. such a nice shop. I should really check it out!

    1. Yes, you should! ;w; I definitely loved their products/packaging~! <3

  3. The wig looks awesome on you ^^

  4. Hihi, you're using my sheep icon! ;u; Thank you!

    1. Hello!
      It's so so so cute I couldn't help myself! If you want me to credit you in any way please tell me! <3

    2. Nooo, that's fine, I am just happy you're using it! ;u; Hihi! <3

  5. Where did you get the gothic lolita dress? Also, YOU ARE SUPER CUTE!! :3

  6. I want buy in this page but, its free shipping or how much more? Sorry for my english ;n;


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