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✩✩SpreePicky 3rd Review

So! Here I am, writing the second part of the Spreepicky Review!
(Sorry it took so long! I was really busy with exams. They won't be over until March but from now on, I will try to be more active. uwu)

Oh, also! When you shop from Spreepicky, on your purchases over $30.00, you can use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount!

Now now, let's see what came in mail and how they looked like when I took them out of their package!

Everything was pink and sweet, just looking at them made me so happy ahhhgdhfjsb!
First, I will list everything here with their links.
Diamond Tights
White Lace Tights
Milklim Sweater
Purple Bloomers
Sailor Moon Long Sweater
Cupcake Rings
Fairy Earrings

Everything arrived in perfect condition, and the lovely staff included those blue ribbons as a gift! They were really cute like every other item in the package! The package was marked as a gift, so I didn't have any trouble with the customs. The shipping was really quick too, I was really amazed. uwu I like receiving packages in mail, hehe~!

I was really excited and it took a lot of hours to try everything on and take good photos! I have trouble with my camera, so I always take my photos with my phone, sorry about that. ;u;

Here are a few photos with the items!

The Sailor Moon Sweater is really adorable! It's quite cold, but fortunately it kept me warm too. But I had to wear slippers, hehe. The fabric is really nice, no worries! I haven't washed it yet, but the print seems really good quality too, it was not damaged after a few times I wore it.
The Lace Stockings are thin indeed, but they looked very cute with the sweater and since they are good quality, they didn't get ripped or anything when I took them off and wore them again!
I felt like a gift booox~

I'm wearing the Milklim Sweater in this photo! It is the cutest ever ashdjhfls ;w; It has a plush fork and knife as pins and you can attach/detach them as you like. When you place them next to the Milklim Logo, it looks like a plate and the fork/knife and aaaaah! I loved the idea. uwu
The shorts are really cute! They are pumpkin shorts underneath, so you don't need to worry about anything showing up. >w> It gives puffiness to the skirt part too!
And I'm also wearing the Diamond Stockings in this one. They are thinner than the lace ones, but they didn't get holes either, so I'm really happy with them!

I'm wearing the Angel Tights in this one! I'm really amazed by Spreepicky's tights' quality, because they seem thick compared to the ones I have and they didn't get damaged when I wore them a few times before I wrote this review. But ofcourse, you need to take care of them nicely!

And for the accessoires, they have sent me these cute cupcake rings!

They are adjustable too, and I needed to adjust them because they were too big on my fingers. qwq You can make them bigger too!

Aaaand for the last item, the fairy earrings! To put them on, you don't need an ear hole because it has a clip thingy, so you just clip it onto your ear. (LOL at my explanation I know.)

The wings are adorable, aren't they ;w;

This part ends here, but I will come back with another part for Spreepicky! uwu
So stay tuned, and here is a little bonus!

Bub bai~!


  1. Haha, so cute, how can you make that last face, what a cute kid!!

  2. you need to post make-up tutorial!

  3. Such cute stuff, love the sailor moon sweater ^_^ Thinking of buying it to but there is already a package on the way to me from SpreePicky so i'm gonna wait for that one first :3 Love your blog.

  4. The clothes look so adorable on you~
    I really love the earring you have as well! *>*

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi! Thank you for the review! I have one question. Where can i buy the wig you're wearing in this picture?

    Thank you in advance for help! M. ( )


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