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☆☆CosplayBuzz Chihiro Fujisaki Wig Review

Hard working Anzu is back at your service for another review!
"Alright, let's go?"
As you can see from the title, this review will be about Chihiro Fujisaki's wig from CosplayBuzz!
CosplayBuzz is an online cosplay shop that were launched in 2011. They sell all kinds of different anime cosplay products such as cosplay wigs, cosplay costumes, cosplay props, cosplay accessories and anime action figures. Their offices and factory are located in Hong Kong and China!

Now, let's take a look at the stock photo.

In the stock photo, the color matches well with Chihiro's hair tone but the wig seems a lot longer than his hair.
That is a good thing, because if it came styled, you couldn't have adjusted it according to your face.(If it was too short, etc.) This way, you can cut the bangs and the other parts according to your face and style it until you are satisfied!
Also it is priced at $15! Really cheap, woo!
The wig arrived in 7 days after it was shipped out. Can you believe it?
7 days.

I love you CosplayBuzz.

I seriously wasn't expecting it that soon but I like these kind of surprises!
The wig was inside a plastic package and it was packed really well. When I took it out, I realized it was really poofy, and the poofiness wasn't gone even if it came from a loooong way.
It was the same as the stock photo; accurate color, long and unstyled. It had a lot of hair and that's a + for me. I like my wigs that way! Otherwise, they look really flat.
It took a long time to cut it, and when it was finished, I had tons of hair to throw away! Even if I cut a lot, the wig was still really poofy and had lots of hair. I also used a hair spray on it to keep the spiky parts up!
In the end, it looked like this.
It looks great and a lot like Chihiro's hair! I'm so in love with it!
You better get ready for some Chihiro cosplay photos in future.
If you'd like to watch the video review for this wig, you can see here!
Sorry for my terrible accent and webcam though.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review! Have a wonderful day/night~!


  1. awww so sweet voice ~ U are pretty **

  2. Did it came with a wig cap or without?


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