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☆☆BrandedKitty Christmas Photoshoot

I know, I know, it took me way too much to post these photos online!
We took them around January and it's been like 3 months, I'm very sorry. ; _ ;
With my studies and other reviews piling up, I had to delay some of my posts but I'm back to take care of all of them!
This post is not exactly a review but I will be posting the photos I have edited so far for BrandedKitty's Christmas Coat.
Shop BrandedKitty
I hope you will like them!
Unfortunately the coat isn't available on their site anymore, but you can check out their shop for other cute apparels~!

A bonus photo! Our mall had a Santa robot sitting on this couch at the time. He was raising his arm up as well! But I found him a bit creepy.
This is all so far! But I might go back to these photos and edit more if I find the time.
Let me know of your thoughts in the comments and bye bye!
Love you!


  1. You look so pretty! You really stand out against the white snow :) Also that fake Santa is kind of hilarious.

  2. Ahh Anzu you look so cute in that oufit ><!! Must have been so cold though without any tights O.O

  3. Oh my, you look absolutely adorbs in this outfit! ;w;
    The photos seem to have a magical edge to them, so dreamy-like! Super kawaii!

  4. Looking gorgeous as usual, Anzu <3

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~K-pop Upd8!!!

  5. You are so cute in this outfit! <3
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. :)

    Now I know who inspired my photographer during our winter photoshoot... ;)
    My winter photoshoot! <3

  6. Kawaii! <3 I very love this outfit! *-*

  7. Ahhhh, so cute! I love it! *o*


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