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☆☆Spreepicky Mini Haul&Cospicky Sakura Kinomoto Photoshoot

It's been a while, how are you guys doing?
I'm kinda upset because the new semester will be starting soon. I'm not ready at all. ;_;
Back to projects, you know...

Anyway! Today I'm back to show you guys a few items I got from Spreepicky, as well as my Sakura cosplay. I hope you'll enjoy the photos!
I combined a pink blouse with their white shoes with pink heart accessory on it for the first coordinate.

Pink Blouse
White Shoes with Pink Heart Shaped Fur
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
The blouse is a really thin one! If you plan on wearing it on a cold day, I strongly suggest that you wear a few layers inside, just to stay warm. It's really hot these days, so I didn't have to go with layers this time. And it also comes in another color, make sure to check it out before you make up your mind!
As for the shoes, they are now one of my favorites! The cute touch up on the back of the heels is just so cute. The fur on the front as well! As for that one, it is a clip-accessory, so it is detachable, which means you can use these shoes as a plain white one too.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Showishes
Shirt: Spreepicky
Skirt: Taobao
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Spreepicky

Crown Hairpiece
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
I also got this crown as a present from Spreepicky, and it is just so adorable!
I'm guessing it's an accessory of a character, but I don't know which one, so I ended up randomly using it as I tested my Hanayo wig!

Sooorry if the pose seems so weird, that was the most decent shot I got.

Now, moving onto my cosplay, I will linking the cosplay items from Spreepicky's cosplay store, Cospicky.
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
Sakura Kinomoto Wig
Sakura Kinomoto Costume
Sakura Kinomoto Shoes
Sakura's Wand
Clow Cards

These are the shots I have so far for her!
I will be posting more soon and for them, you can stay tuned on my Facebook page, here!

Thank you for taking your time to read this post and I will see you later!
Bye bye!


  1. How is it possible to be THAT adorable?! ;A;♡ That first outfit looks so good on you, I really like the shoes! And you make such a great Sakura!

  2. You look like a doll! *_* That first outfit is so cute and innocent-looking and the crown is just plain fabulous, haha!
    You look adorable as Sakura too, great photos! You're so kawaii ~


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  3. Ahh I really love the first outfit~ the shoes are just so cutee >///<

  4. I have a question. What do you think about the Shop Spreepicky ?


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