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I feel like someone who has held their breath for a long time and reached the surface in water or something 8D
I was planning to stay active on my blog here but A LOT OF things came up, such as the BGeek convention in Italy, right after it leaving for Japan! I hardly find time here because I still couldn't fix my sleeping/day schedule and UH OH- it's killing everything--

BUT. This is enough, I will pick everything up now!
In this post I will have a few new items to show to you guys, but most of them were shot on the floor because I couldn't find the room the pack them for my Japan trip, so sorry about that!
I will try to make new outfits with them once I return <3

Color-block Striped Letters Embroidered SweaterButtoned Front Raw Hem Overall Denim Shorts - Sky Blue
UNIF Rainbow Top
Light Blue Overall Shorts
For this set, I went for a VERY colourful theme! 
I feel so happy when I wear colourful clothes!!!
Outfit Rundown
Earrings&Necklace&Socks: WEGO
Top&Overall: Shein
Bracelets: Claire's and Co&Lu

Now I will be doing a quick photo dump for the delayed items!
So sorry about these, it won't happen again Q___Q
Black Drawstring Waist Striped Pant
Black Drawstring Pants
This one is super duper comfortable! I was planning to leave it behind at Turkey, but ended up wearing it for the 12 hour flight, and it was the only good choice I made for the flight 8D
Black Letter Print Crop T-shirt

No Hard Feelings Shirt
The phrase reminded me of Portal!
I don't usually go for crop shirts, but this was a nice change!

Unfortunately I couldn't find the links of these items, so I will be posting the photos of them!

This set's print is so very cute, but I didn't feel very comfortable in the material of the clothes. orz

And a few sweater choices I made for Turkey's chilly weather! They kept me warm throughout the end of the semester. <3

Acrylic Makeup Organizer
Even though I own a few of these, I can't really organzie all my cosmetics at home, and since coming to Japan it's been a disaster organizing my stuff. ; _ ;

I ended up getting one of these to make things better!

I'm very sorry since this wasn't detailed, but once I organize my schedule, I promise to get much better! <3
I am still active on my Instagram, especially on my travel account too (@anzutravels), so feel free to check out for updates!
Bye bye for now!


  1. AHHHHW! So sad, because the overalls are not available in S size... D: It was so purrrrrfect!

  2. OMG *_* salopette is so cute <3

  3. That rainbow shirt looks so cute and colorful on you! Nice to see that you're back too! Been missing your posts!

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