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☆☆December Outfit Update #2!

Happy New Year!

I was planning to write this post before new years but, a lot of stuff came up and it was super busy!
So here I am in the first day of 2017!

They are mostly links without me wearing them, but you'll be seeing them in 2017! ;D
Ginger High Neck Drop Shoulder Embroidered SweatshirtPlaid Back Zipper Pleated Skirt
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Taobao
Sweater&Skirt: Romwe
Tights: Local Shop
Boots: Spreepicky
Silver Frame Clear Lens GlassesGreen Lapel Preppy Appropriately Checks Plaid Buttons Crop BlouseHigh Waist Denim Blue Pant

I have a photo with only the glasses right now, unfortunately didn't have the time to shoot the photo of the full outfit when I wore it!
Color Block Mock Neck Check Sweater
Super comfy!!!!
Pink Shorts

I'm very sorry for being unable to shoot photos of these recently, but I will be using them on my next outfits, so stay tuned!
Bye bye for now, love you!!


  1. How come every piece of clothing look adorable on you!? GAAAH!! > w <)//

  2. You look absolutely adorable in your outfits! I love your Youtube videos and your content is really good. :3

  3. All these clothes look good on you and you look cute in these. I liked the checkered skirt and sweat shirt combination as well as the sweater. It can be paired with jeans pants.


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