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☆☆Madness in Wonderland Review

Hi hiiii~!
I'm being lazy these days, sorry for not writing any reviews. But I'm active on my other accounts so It's actually not that bad!
In this post, I'm going to review the cutest accessoires ever, are you ready?
It's an Etsy shop and the shop name is Madness in Wonderland.
Madness in Wonderland brings to you love and a bunch of kawaii-ness, with its cute, colored and original goodies and jewels!
The owner, Maria designs&makes all accessoires by herself. She is so talented isn't she? You will think so when you see the items!
She's also very kind and replied fast to my messages on Etsy. If you have any questions for her/if you want to place a custom order, don't hesitate to contact her!
 The package arrived in 11 days from Italy to Turkey. It's incredibly fast, because sometimes even my EMS parcels don't make it here that quick, haha! The items were wrapped carefully with bubble wrap so nothing was harmed. 
 Also this cutie included a letter for me too and I will treasure it forever~ ; w ;
This is the macaroon necklace! It's really well made and I can assure you none of the parts will fall off. The necklace strap&necklace came in the same package but they weren't attached, but it's an easy task to attach them, so don't worry!
The colors are so adorable and it seems very professional. Perfect for fairy-kei inspired outfits.
The cookie ring and the bracelet! Aren't they adorable? Looking at all these macaroons and cookies made me hungry, so yummy~
The ring itself is adjustable, so you can make it smaller or bigger according to your finger size.
And the croissant necklace with the cupcake bracelet! The necklace looks like it's the real thing because of how well-made it is and the color! It also has a cute ribbon on it. Comes with a necklace strap like the macaroon necklace!
The bracelet is really well-made just like all other items! It has small spoons, chocolates and a cupcake on it and I think they are made of clay by our talented Maria! The colors match so well and I love it! You can adjust it according to your wrist too.
So far I have no complaints about any of these products. I can see Maria worked really hard on them and did her best!
I recommend her store if you are looking for some cute accessoires, hihi~!
Also, if you are interested in learning how to do these twin buns with your wig, you can watch my video tutorial here!
I hope this review and the tutorial were helpful for you.
Have a wonderful day/night cuties~!
Bye byeeee!


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