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☆☆Cosqueen Haul

I changed my theme last night!
Decided to go with the purple shades this time.
Do you like it?

So today, I'm back with a mini-haul from the store called Cosqueen, it's my second time reviewing them. Sorry for delaying this by the way, I took these photos a long time ago but never got the opportunity to write this review.
Shop Cosqueen
You can use the code ANZU10 at their store for a %10 discount!
I received my parcel when I was still staying at the dormitory (I'm going back in 2 days anyway!), and the parcel contained a wig, two bows which you can attach to your shirt, a T-shirt and several pairs of skeleton-hair pins.
You can use the code ANZU10 at their store for a %10 discount!
This wig just became one of my favorites! After trying it on, I found myself wearing it almost everyday. 8D 
It is 60 cm long and easy to maintain. I tied it into pigtails time to time, but I like it best when it's down. The curls are soft but not easily damaged so you can brush it however you like.
As for the bangs, it does come styled, but I needed to shorten them a little bit so I could wear it without any hair poking around my eyes. 
I really really like this item, an A+ from me!
I wore this wig with the skeleton hair clips from the same store. They come in various color choices to choose from!
The shirt accesorry bows I was talking about are these.
You probably saw them a lot in some of the anime series you have watched so far.
They come in pink, black and red! I only received the black and red ones.
It has a small clip on the back, so after sliding it around your shirt's neck part, you can clip it and it will stay that way.
I haven't taken a photo with the black one yet, but I will, soon!
Here is a photo with the red one until then.
I think the red bow appeared a bit more like a wine red colour in my photos.
I wanted to use it with my Touka test shot so... here it is!
I will keep you updated about the black one~!
For the last item, I will be reviewing the Mike Wazoski T-shirt.
It doesn't have a stock photo, so I will be showing you guys my photos.
The shirt comes in one-size, but when I checked on the page I couldn't find a measurement chart. I think it would be the best to message the seller before buying, but I will let them know via e-mail anyway, so that they can add the measurements to the site as soon as possible.
The shirt is made of a thin material, perfect for Spring/Summer. If you'd like to wear it these days, I suggest wearing it with a jacket or something, so you won't catch any cold!
The print is well-made and did not have any defects when it arrived.
I even washed the shirt and ironed it later (buy flipping it's inside out, that way the print wasn't damaged) and didn't have any problems.
I think it's a fun item to have in my closet!
And here is a bonus close-up photo, tee hee~
These items were all I received within this mini-haul of mine!
I hope you liked them as much as I did, I loved each of them so much.
Thank you to lovely Genishihara for working with me again and sending me these items!
Bye bye!


  1. That wig looks so lovely on you! Perfect fit! :P
    And those skeleton hair clips are totally cool - I have a friend who would love them to bits hahah! xD I should maybe buy her a pair for her birthday..

  2. Really digging the new theme; lovely job!
    And those hair clips are nice!! I'll check them out right now.
    P.s: I love Monsters Inc.<33

  3. Nana renkli kontakt çok istiyorum! Ben yabancı bir ülkede bir renk yelpazesine sahiptir! (* '-' *) Japon renkli kontakt rengi daha az olmasıdır. Sad. Makyaj iyi bakmak böylece kayısı, 👗👚 ve ve renk teması gibi, ben çok çalışma! (Ve ben hala 14 yaşındayım.) Ben birgün tanışmak gitmek istiyorum. (* ≧ ∪ ≦)

  4. that wig looks so good on you! cute~ ♡

  5. I locw how you look on your first wig *-*

  6. That wig is so lovely!! I've been searching for a natural-looking wig for so long and I think I've finally found it <3 And the Mike Wazowski shirt is just super awesome & looks great on you :D

    The new theme is very cute, especially the background! I just changed my blog theme yesterday as well :D ! <3

  7. Aaah you look super cute! I love that wig on you, it looks so natural!

  8. I am seriously in love with the blue wig ;-;
    where is it from?


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