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☆☆UNIQSO Tokyo Ghoul (Gremlin) Sclera Lenses&Touka Kirishima Wig Review

Heeello everyone!
How is it going?
Finally the first semester of the first year is over and I'm free for some time.
I want to get everything in order in this time. ; v ;
Go, Anzu!

For today's review, -I know I am a bit late- but I will be reviewing a pair of sclera lenses from Uniqso and a cosplay wig; both for Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul.
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Let's start with the lenses!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
First of all, sclera lenses might scare you but they are not something you should be scared of- as long as you look after them well. They have 22 mm diameter, which is really big, so that it can cover your whole eye and give that special effect you are aiming for. Unllike regular circle lenses, they expire in 6 months, so be careful about their expiration time when you are buying them on Uniqso. You can check the details tab for more information about each lenses.
Sclera lenses come with a special lens case of their own, which is huge, just like the lenses.
Just like when you are taking care of your regular lenses, you should soak them in their solution for 8 hours before using them. 
If you are not experienced in wearing sclera lenses or circle lenses, you might need to get used to wearing these. Since they are huge and cover your whole eye, it will feel uncomfortable -that's how i felt- as if there is a lash in your eye. If you feel even a slightest bit of pain or sting, take the lenses out immediately. 
When I first wore them, I could only keep them in my eye for a minute because I was freaking out hahaha 8DDD
But with time I got used to it, and I practised wearing them and taking them out time to time, until I was comfortable wearing them.
The only downside is that none of the sclera lenses on Uniqso are prescripted, and I have 6.00 power myopia. So when I wore these lenses, I was almost blind.
Still, it was a nice experience!
On the left side, I am wearing I.Fairy Kirei Brown, which has a 16.2 mm diameter. And on the right side, the sclera lenses, 22 mm.
Here, take this as a test shot! ; u ;
(even if I cut my wig too short ahahah........kill me)
Next is the Touka Kirishima wig in the photo!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Unlike my photos, the wig comes longer, as it looks like in the stock photo. It's just, as I was styling it, I ended up cutting my wig too short and everyone started telling me I look more like Ciel from Kuroshitsuji than Touka Kirishima. ; v ; Sorry!
The wig is straight, and very soft, which I really liked. I kept playing playing with it without realizing it. I have a habit of playing with my hair all the time and having a silky wig resulted in me playing with it just like I do with my real hair.
It was really easy to style it since it didn't ever get tangled (maybe because it's a shorter wig), and that might be why I got carried away cutting it.
Here are some of my photos from the photoshoot if you are curious!
So what do you think? ; u ;
I'm not sure if you all have watched/read Tokyo Ghoul but... if you did, who is your favorite character?
Mine is Uta.
Let me know about your answers in the comments!
Bye bye until my next review!


  1. baby you so pretty

  2. wow's wonderful! Thanks for sharing~

    let's follow each other?My new post♥

  3. I'll have to wear Sclera Lenses too. I'm really scared. Do they hurt a bit when you put them? I'm a bit scared bc this will be my first time. çç Where's the best place to buy them?

  4. The scleras look cool! Thanks for sharing your experience about wearing them for the first time; I also want to try sclera lenses someday but I'm hesitating because it seems a bit scary. x)
    Will you take more pics with them on later?

  5. The selcra completes the cosplay in my opinion ^.^~ my favourite character is kaneki (my poor bby X'D)~!

  6. Wow! Those are really great sclera lenses. The color is very intense. They look great with your Touka wig! :)

  7. woooow~
    you look very cool :з

  8. you look really cute in Touka's cosplay :3

  9. Look so cool. More stylish Tokyo Ghoul lenses for your reference.


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