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☆☆Hunter x Hunter Kurapika Photoshoot (Costume by Lightinthebox)

Well, hello there!
I'm back with an another photoshoot post, which is a more recent one.
We did it not so long time ago with Edniz in our university campus.
We didn't see much people but the people we saw didn't judge us thankfully orz
This will be my second photoshoot from Lightinthebox!
The first one was Touka Kirishima's, if you remember.
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Kurapika was one of my dream cosplays because both the character and the series were one of my favorites. I'm so glad I was able to cosplay him and I want to thank Lightinthebox for this opportunity.
So! I received the costume in such a short time, I think it too around 20 days? It is short considering the costume is handmade. That made me because of the shipping though, I'm guessing they shipped with express.
The costume was folded nicely, it wasn't ecen wrinkled, I was very surprised.
However I got it all wrinkly when I brought it back to home from my dorm, so I had to iron it again, haha.

HunterxHunter Kurapika Costume
It looked much, much better than it does in the stock photo, by the way.
The materials are high-quality from what I see and can tell. The fabric is a matte color, which is very important in cosplay, in my opinion. I hate shiny, satin-like fabrics so, so much. They usually make the costume look cheap.
I got the size auitable for me by checking the size chart and had absolutely no problems size-wise. Even if I ordered it a bit too small, his skirt part can get wider because of the elastic band, so it would be okay- to some point.
Overall, the costume comes in 4 pieces. The inner shirt, inner pants, and the top blue/yellow outer part, as well as the skirt part. The outer top has a zipper on front while the shirt is buttoned. As for the pants and skirt, they both have a zipper and a button.
Here are the photos from my shoot!

Out of character %1000.

My head looks like it has been copy-pasted there, lol

I don't know, man.
This one was after the photoshoot! I know, what a weird expression.

And lastly, some bloopers.

That's how the wind gets in your way at photoshoots, gah.

Thank you for checking out my post, guys!
One question, if you are watched HxH.
Which character is your favorite?
I have SO SO many, but I gotta say Hisoka has a special place in my heart. ;D
And if you haven't seen HxH yet, GO AND START ALREADY!
Bye bye until then!


  1. waa you look so cool!!

  2. You look really awesome!

    { }

  3. Wow, love the photos! The first photo from the top is my favorite!

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    Lifestyle blog

  4. You are so gorgeous ! I love Kurapika but I guess my favourite character is Kirua. And I love Bisc too ! You are really really cute and this cosplay is awesome >w< !!

  5. Hisoka is probably my favorite too, but in the way things are going, Pariston may end up taking this place. Very nice cosplay.

  6. Waaah! This is fantastic! * o*)/ and of course... so funny! xD

  7. Hey ! I just fall in love with you ! I follow your blog but with this cosplay and photoshoot you conquer my heart !
    Kurapika is my favourite character from both series of HxH because he is so fucking smart-fascinating.
    Why don't you cosplay Biscuit (with the dress she used while training Gon and Killua) ? I pretty like her.
    Hope you post more !

  8. I haven't watched HxH *shame*. But this looks so cool! :'D
    The bloopers really cracked me up. Goddamn wind! XD

  9. AMAZING cosplay as usual. Brings back childhood memories. Love that anime so much.


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