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☆☆Kittywood Review

Hello once again!
I'm back with another accessoires review and I have loooots of stuff to review this time!
Today I will be reviewing Kittywood Designs~! uwu

Kittywood Designs is an etsy shop owned by Kattie Rose, who designs the accessoires by herself and makes them handmade. She ships out from USA, so if you live in the USA, you should pay less for the shipping, I think!
She is a very sweet person, and even if this was a sponsored review, she made sure that I was satisfied with the products, so please don't hesitate to message her if you have any questions!

Now, let's move on to the products I got. Here is a photo of what I got in the package.

Everything looks so cute ahhhhsdfjgjm. qwq <3
There are lots of pins and hairpins, and also a ring! They even included their business cards, which are really cute and has their mascot on it. Also the circle emblems on the left side of the photo are actually stickers!

Only some of them are available, so I will link you to similar ones if they are not available.

Purple-Black Skeleton Pin
Black Ribbon Pin
Pink Eyebow Pin
Dotted Bat Pin
Bunny Pin/Hairpin
Purple Cross Pin
Black Bone Hairpin
Cupcake Ring

Everything in the photos arrived in great condition, wrapped carefully! ;w; There were lots of cute stuff and I was so excited to try them on, so I immediately took photos!

Dundundun! And also some close ups!

This bunny pin can used as a pin AND a hairpin! ;w;

And for a bonus, I will throw in an outfit photo!


  1. the bonus outfit tis so cute!!!!!! I love that shirt!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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