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☆☆Sheinside 3rd Review

Hello lovelies! 
This time I'm back with another Sheinside review, and ofcourse new coordinates!
I received a black dress and a fluffy white-ish coat for this post! They are both so lovely!

It took about 20-25 days to arrive this time, because of the Chinese Holiday. Everything was packaged nicely, so none of the items were defected and they were inside Sheinside's plastic cases. They are good quality cases, so you can save them and use them to store your clothes, hehe~.

Don't forget to check their size chart when you order from them though! I always check it and measure myself, so I haven't had any problems about the size.

Now let's move on to the photos!

The black dress,

Outfit Rundown:
Eyeballs: Spreepicky
Wig: Spreepicky
Black Dress: Sheinside
Socks: Spreepicky
Shoes: Taobao

A close-up with a different wig,

And the fluffy coat!! (Not my best coordinate but ;v;)
Eyeballs: Spreepicky
Cross Hairpin: Kittywood Designs
Sweater&Shorts&Socks: Spreepicky
Shoes: Taobao

And a close up!

I guess this review is done here huh~ ;w;
Thank you for reading and see you on my next review!


  1. yay so cute */////* I love the dress and the second wig!

  2. "Not my best coordinate but ;v;"
    I think it's super good!! (*u*)


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