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☆☆UNIQSO Kimchi Maki Yellow Review

 Hello once again~! ! (●´ω`●)ゞ
It always makes me feel excited when I review lenses, don't know why ;w; Guess it's because they change the appearence a lot and it makes me curious? Hehe, anyway, this time I will introduce you to my favorite pair of lenses sponsored by UNIQSO!

Not only lenses though, they've included some cosmetics with it, which are really good quality!

Here is what came in the mail,
A pair of brown/black false eyelashes, black liquid eyeliner, pink lens cases and Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses! ;//u//;

I tested the eyeliner on my hand first,

It also doesn't easily come off, which is a really good thing because I sometimes have trouble finding a nice eyeliner. It didn't irritate my skin either when I used it on my eyes. uwu

And a little information on the lenses,

They are Kimchi Maki Yellow, which are 16 mm diameter lenses. (The biggest ones I got so far ;w;)
They expire a year after you start using them! Never wear expired circle lenses because your eyes are precious.
Read this for more information on circle lenses.
They were really comfortable for me but the only thing is since they cover your eyes too well, the gap for your pupils are a bit smaller than the other lenses, so in dark when my pupils got wider, it seemed a bit blurry for me but it didn't irritate my eyes! uwu
Other than that, they are REALLY vibrant and your eyes will be noticeable from 3248923 km distance. 8D

Here are some photos with the lenses, eyelashes and the eyeliner.

The eyelashes were really thick, but a little different from what I normally use. Yet, they actually looked more natural than my other false lashes. To blend them with my own lashes, I used a bit mascara on them! 
Find out how to choose natural looking false eyelashes!

I also tried them with a boy-ish look!

Back to the girly look!

Don't forget to check out UNIQSO for more circle lens designs and cosmetics! And stay tuned for the next Spreepicky review~!

Oh! Also don't forget the check out the sponsored lens giveaway by UNIQSO on my tumblr! There will be two winners and the giveaway will end on 21st February!
UNIQSO Giveaway


  1. Where did you got the uniform in he last pictures?

  2. OMG I totally know what you mean with the "excited feeling about reviewing circle lenses"! x) I get it all the time too; I've always been fascinated by different eye colors and how to change your appearance! Circle lenses do exactly that – they can make your eyes look sparkly, vibrant, magical, cute and even creepy! I love the variation you can get!
    Ever since I started using circle lenses I've grown addicted to them – I just really like using them to make my eyes stand out! :'D They complete my outfit/look when I'm going for something a bit out of the ordinary!

    Psst, thank you so much for reviewing the Kimchi Maki Yellow! <3 I had been curious about them for pretty long but hadn't bought them yet because I was worried that the "jagged" look and the star-shaped pupil hole, along with the yellow color would make them look downright scary when worn!! Glad to see that they actually look nice on you, not creepy! :'D I think I'll go for them now!

    Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog


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