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✩☆LolitaDressesOnline Wig Review

Guess who is being really productive these days!
So! Today I'm here to review the cutest wig ever from LolitaDressesOnline!

They sell various lolita and cosplay-ish costumes, accessoires and wigs. I haven't bought from their costumes and accessoires before, but I got a wig from them and I'm going to let you know about it's quality in this post!

The wig I got is this one;
It reminds me of Seto Ayumi's hair. She's a big inspiration to me, so I really wanted this wig!

The wig arrived in 15 days! It arrived in excellent condition, packed inside a plastic package along with a wig cap! (You'll need to wear a wig cap to keep your hair in place and then wear the wig. Some sites send you a wig cap for free when you buy a wig, including LolitaDressesOnline.)
The wig was styled, the bangs were cut perfectly, pretty sure I could never cut my wigs like this, haha!
I can say that the wig is high quality! Not a single string of hair fell off and it is really soft. I liked to tease it with a brush to gain a fluffy look, the waves of the hair looked so cute! Also the color is really beautiful and vibrant. The reddish color fades into a vibrant shade of pink with cute small curls~.

Here are some photos of me wearing the wig~;
I made the top hairs into little pigtails and I think they looked cute huh

I liked this wig very much you don't understand sdjhfksf

I will also have some outfit photos up soon~!
I will shower you wit lots of reviews be ready ok!!
Bye bye for now!


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