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☆☆Coserstudio Ebay Review

Whoop! Anzu's back with another review!
Lots of people are asking for nice places to buy fashion&cosplay wigs so I hope this will be helpful for you.
The seller I'm going to review for you is coserstudio on Ebay.
I've got two really beautiful wigs sent to me and they are both high quality, nice looking wigs!
For shipping, it was incredibly fast. They arrived around 10-15 days I think! I wasn't expecting it because my parcels usually arrive in 20-30 days.
Wigs were packed nicely and seperately, one of them was even in a seperate cartoon box so they wouldn't get smashed together! I also got 2 wig caps as a gift. (When you buy a wig, you get one! You buy two, they send two!)
The wigs were in new, excellent condition and untangled! (Pretty impressive because one of them has 100 cm length.)
This is the first wig's stock photo;
And here are my photos with the wig;

It's really soft and easy to comb! And ofcourse, it comes unstyled so you can cut the bangs according to your face shape. The purple/blonde mix look really cute and I'm so happy I chose this wig! 
Second wig's stock photo;
My photos;
I'm in love love love with this wig!
 The color is really vibrant and beautiful but it doesn't have an ugly shining color like typical cosplay wigs. It can practically reach to my butt but it shouldn't get tangled if I look after it well. Also when I brush it gently, it doesn't fall off either, and the hair is really thick!
I am planning on using this outside by braiding it so it won't get tangled when a wind comes up! Heh heh. Just in case.
(This one comes unstyled too, so you will need to cut the bangs yourself!)
I'm really happy with this seller so far! Their customer service is great, they reply quick and listen what you have to say. Also their English is perfect, that's a big plus. I definitely recommend this seller!
If you have any questions about their products, don't hesitate to message them on Ebay, they will do their best to satisfy you!
Thank you for  your time, hope this review helped you!
Buh baiiii~!


  1. so cute wigs *3* they look very good on you!

  2. Do you go out with those wigs in Turkey?What kind of reaction do you get from people? I love your choices BTW.

    1. Yes, I do. ;w; It draws a lot of attention, some people make nice comments, some are rude. I do my best to ignore rude ones, haha. Thank you!

  3. OMG you are super adorbs. You look like Hayley Williams in the second pic UvU


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