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☆☆Spreepicky Galaxy Uniform+BJD Tights Review

Eeee! How's it going!?
This time I'm back for good! I will be even more active from now on, since the exam is over.
I'm really excited because I have many cosplays and reviews to work on, hnnn~ 
Let me start with these great products from Spreepicky!
Use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount on your purchases over $30.00!
This time I got a blue sailor uniform and white BJD tights in the mail and they are adorable~!
 Spreepicky also included some nail stickers as a gift! But I don't want to use them because I like saving gifts like these forever...
Aren't they so pretty, oh gosh!! 

The colors of the uniform is really vibrant, and the fabric is made of a quality material. It also has a little zipper on the of the shirt, so I didn't have any trouble while wearing it. I looked up for the measurements on their site, so it fit me perfectly. Don't forget to check your size from the size chart before you order the item you want!

BJD tights are made of a thick, quality material and they stretch without any problem. It doesn't seem like it'll get ripped at all, so I'm relieved! (I can't take care of my tights well... ;_;)

Here are some photos~
I'm so in love with this outfit. ;__; One of my favorites! 

Late for the animu school, lol.

The print is lovely! 

Also, there is another outfit I combined with the BJD tights!
I think they match well with the whole outfit~♪

I hope this review helped you~! Have a nice day!


  1. Aww, you look so lovely *-*

  2. Is your seifuku the misprinted one? I was wondering what the misprint is~

  3. Where did you get those eyeball hairclips they look cute :D


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