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☆☆Mart of China Review

Good morning~!
I'm posting this at such an unusual hour, don't know why, haha.
I have some projects for university that I have to work on these days, but I will try to keep my blog updated at the time.
So let's move onto the review for Mart of China!
This time I ordered a pair of shoes and a pair of tights from their site.
Usually big or heavy parcels get stuck in the customs in my country, but I didn't have any problem with this one!
I also received the parcel in about 15-20 days as usual, but I wasn't able to do the review because of my teeth operation, so this is a bit of a delayed review.
The shoes and the tights arrived in the same parcel, and the shoes weren't in a box or anything. But if they were, maybe they would get stuck in the customs, I'm not sure.
They weren't too heavy, so maybe it didn't catch the custom's attention.
The shoes are surprisingly very comfortable! I thought I wouldn't be able to walk in them without tripping but I was wrong. 
They suited my feet perfectly so I was able to move around freely with them. It might look uncomfortable(I mean that's what I thought) but the tip(?) part of it is pretty high as well, allowing it to be more comfortable than the other high heels.
But be sure to check the measurement chart and order the correct size, or you might have some comfort problems.
I combined the shoes with the tights I received from them!
This is a garter type of tights, so you can unclip the bottom part and attach a different kind of socks or tights to the base. I find this very clever, because you can create many different looks using a single item.
Here are my photos!
Sorry about the quality though, I took the photos at the dorm and I was in a hurry!
I'm not sure I will be able to wear this in the university though, I'm still scared of tripping and falling on my face since the paths aren't really suited for this kind of a shoe!
I think this review ends here.
(It was really short compared to my other reviews, right!?)
I will be heading to the classes now! So see you in my next post, okay?
Bye bye for now!


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