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☆☆UNIQSO Mini Sclera Venus Lens&Long White Wig Review

Hello cuties~!
How's it going?
Me? I'm really, really busy! I'm having such a hard time to keep up with everything, but I continue to do my best anyway. orz
I thought I was going to have lots of free time in university, so I could focus on improving myself on drawing and designing but oh well, I was wrong.
My days are filled with classes and I'm afraid I won't have much time from now on. ; u ;
I will try to update my blog often, but I apologize if I fail to do so.
So, in today's post I will be reviewing some really nice(and very creepy) lenses and a wig from Uniqso!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
To be honest, the reason I chose these lenses was to cosplay Komugi from HunterxHunter.
HunterxHunter is my favorite series if you don't know, and I love every single character from there. (Expect Poufu. Everyone hates Poufu.)
Anyway, most of my cosplay plans are characters from HxH!
Let me show you Komugi before the lenses and explain why I chose them.
(I don't want to spoil anything so I won't reveal anything about her.)
This is Komugi. She has a very unique hair and...eyebrows, right?
(As for the tied-up hair, a very good store which accepts commissions helped me out, the review will be up soon once I have time, so please stay tuned for it.)
Her eye color is very unique, also. When I saw these lenses on Uniqso, I thought they would suit Komugi.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
However, I was wrong. ; u ; These lenses actually turned out to be white and looked really scary with my Komugi test shots. Since they are bigger than any normal circle lenses (These are 17 mm!), they gave a very creepy effect to my cosplay, in my opinion. So, I would only recommend these lenses if you are going for a Halloween look or just a scary look.
As for the expiration time, these mini sclera lenses will only last for 6 months, so be careful. They also don't come in prescriptions so I couldn't see when I had them on ahhh- 
(Damn you, myopia!)
Inserting them in my eye was a bit difficult for me, but I got used to it in a short time. I pulled my lower eye lid(?) a bit more down than usual and looked up, placing the lens in my eye so it wouldn't fall off, then when I was sure it was in my eye, I let it go. I had to blink a lot though, because since they were big, they were having a hard time sitting on my eye, haha.
But surprisingly, once I got used to them, they didn't cause any discomfort to me.
But since these are considered as scleras, you should use them around 4-6 hours at most. 
Please be careful!
See? They look all white. I was expecting a little bit more of a green-yellow color. 
I don't think these lenses looked good with my Komugi test shots, a-ha... ;;
Oh, for the second photo of Komugi, I used a white/gray wig from Uniqso's store and styled it!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The wig arrived unstyled, as in the photo and I grabbed my scissors to ruin the wig. 8)
I did a very very bad job, but that was on purpose because I had no idea how to do a messy hair like Komugi's without actually ruining the wig, haha!
(Maybe I will improve in future......)
Fortunately the wig has a lot of hair so no matter how much I cut, the wig seemed okay!
Though I wish I could style it nicely first and show you the results...
Anyway, this was the (fail) result!
(I look like a freaking witch and so not like Komugi.)
And a photo with the commissioned wig. ; u ;
I seriously apologize for these horrible photos, I'm really not happy with them at all, but I promise I will do a better job with the next photos!
Good bye for now and take care, everyone!
Love you!


  1. OMG they are kind of scary. The design looks nothing like the one provided on uniqso. I thought it would be more of an off white with the golden gradient thingy in the middle.

  2. How much the Wig cost ?
    Interest to Know and If available,
    How can i order ? ...^^..

  3. what lashes are those? i like them and want to use them!


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