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☆☆Chibibunny Pikachu Blanket&Pirate Bunny Bag Review

 Hey cuties~!
Today I'm back to review an adorable shop which sells bags, blankets, phone cases and many more products with their original illustrations. The owner, Duong, is the one who designs and draws all the illustrations. She's very talented and creative and I love her art so much. I will also include her deviantart account here, because she does commissions and I'm in love with her chibi drawings ahh~!
At Chibibunny, she designs and draws illustrations, after that gets them printed on various phone cases, doormats, blankets and many other stuff!
100% Cute&Original? More like 1000%!
The shipping took around 3 weeks with standart shipping and everything arrived in excellent condition because they were carefully packed.
I was so excited to open the parcel because I knew so many cute items were inside ahhh~!
I also did a special photoshoot for each items, so the photos will be better quality, I hope you'll like them!
First item is a blanket...with a cute Pikachu illustration on it!
Look at this cute chubby Pikachu nomming on the cookies ; w ; There are also a gingerbread man, a cookie, a hamster, a cat and a bird illustration. Their facial expression is so cute! And I also really like the color combination in it!
The measurements are 50(width)x60(length) in inches! The blanket is made of polar fleece and it's also machine washable+dries quickly! If you are sensitive or allergic to wool, this is a nice alternative.
The front has this cute print on it and the back of the blanket is white. I can say that it's a high quality print and there are no defects! It keeps you really warm too, hihi~
I will have more shots of this look on my Facebook page, so stay tuned!
The second item is a messenger bag with a pirate bunny and a skull cupcake illustration on it.
Look at all these adorable characters and their details, they are all Duong's work! I can't help but admire her, haha!
There is something special about this bag by the way! The front flap is removable, so you can always buy separate flaps and keep using your bag with different outfits! It's such a clever idea.
I decided to do a creepycute look with this bag and I think it turned out nice, no?
The bag has one main zippered compartment with two internal pockets and an extra front open pocket in the front for your phone, wallets and other smaller items. This makes it very useful!
The print is high quality, just like the blanket. It was imprinted using dye sublimation process to ensure everlasting effect! The shoulder strap is adjustable too, so you can adjust it shorter or longer.
Overall, I'm happy with both products! I can't believe how I missed this adorable shop before. Now I'm looking forward to their new items and designs!
And I'm also looking forward to Duong's amazing art~!
Thank you for reading and I hope this review was helpful for you.
Bye bye!


  1. The last outfit is quite weeaboo. :/

    1. Even I must ask why. I find the outfit very cute. o_O

    2. Too much stuff going on + striped socks.

    3. Tho, there's nothing wrong with being a weeboo o:

    4. Haha, it may be a busy outfit but I really don't think it has anything to do with weeaboos. ; w ;

  2. Neden neden neden neden neden neden neden bu kadar şirinsin *-*

  3. I love your outfits :) chibi bunny rocks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. umm, you are so cute <3 my favorite Cosplayer (o´艸`o)

  6. Can you try to make Kagura's Cosplay ? (from Gintama) I think you really look like her

    1. Ahh thank you for the recommendation! I might watch Gintama in future and think about it!

  7. Love your creepylook outfit! Esp. the top! so cute!
    And you look so adorable!! >><<

  8. Omg So Cute <3 Loved them. And where did you get the contacts ? I want ones like them *3

    1. Thank you! They are I.Fairy Lucius Grey from UNIQSO! You can use the code "anzujaamu" and receive a %10 discount too! <3

  9. What foundation do you wear? Is a lovely very white one **

    1. It's Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in lightest shade!

  10. Thank you for this review,
    I feel better about ordering from them.


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