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☆☆Michi Michi Rainbow Review

I'm back with a cute Etsy shop review as I promised, hihi.
The adorable store that I'm going to review is called Michi Michi Rainbow.
All of the handmade items(mostly jewelry)are made by the owner, Teresa Escribano! She has a passion for making jewelry and all her creations are adorable~! She also sells tights in her store, as well as the jewelry she designs and makes herself.
Use the code "anzujaamu" to receive a %10 discount on Michi Michi Rainbow~!
In this review I will be reviewing a pair of hairpins and two tights.
About shipping, it was sent to Turkey from Spain, and it took around 15-17 days, I guess? It's a pretty nice timing! Everything was packed nicely and seperately. The tights were in their own plastic package and these packages were in black and white striped packages, they looked so cute! I also fell in love with the hairpins, both the design and colours are adorable~!
First, I will be reviewing the hairpins. Here are their stock photos.
They are both nicely made and I can say that they are high quality. None of their parts seemed like they are going to fall off or anything, I'm really happy about that! Their clips are nicely attached to the bows too. Personally, I liked the skull one the best. The skull bead is really detailed and the color combination is really good. Teresa did an amazing job on them!
They go well with a fairy-kei or pop-kei inspired outfit! The accessoires are really important in fairy-kei to be honest, and I feel like these hairpins were such a nice choice!
Much pastel. Wow.
Next, the tights~!
I have these tights in black actually, but purple is such a fun color~! It can turn any boring outfit into a unique one, in my opinion. The tights are good quality, and won't get ripped easily. The size is also bigger than the average tight sizes, so they can stretch even more.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Ezcosplay
Shirt: Taobao
Shorts: Local Shop
Shoes: Ebay
The second tights' theme is video games.
These tights' size was normal, unlike the first one. It does stretch, but not as much as the purple cat tights. The design is absolutely adorable! It's nice quality too, it seemed like it won't get ripped easily. But it's not as thick as the purple tights!
Outfit Rundown
Devil Horns: Handmade by me
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Shirt: Sheinside
Shorts: Local Shop
Shoes: Ebay
I'm not really happy with how the last outfit turned out, because of the shirt, but oh well! The tights are cute at least. u w u
Also, don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" to receive a %10 discount on Michi Michi Rainbow~!
Thank you for your time and have a nice day, cuties!


  1. these hairpins are very cute and tights too *-*

  2. Man, when I see such cute clothes I wish I could be a girl to wear them xD

  3. Love the video game thighs O_O <3

    - Sann

  4. I love you !!!!! my blog is <3


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