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☆☆Dolluxe Harajuku Honey&Underlash B False Lashes Review

Helloooo~! How are you?
It's finally the end of the week, though I still have a course to attend in weekends. /sob ; w ;
Back to the topic, this review will be about eyelashes and Dolluxe!
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Dolluxe sells amazing premium false lashes, and their creator is also the creator of Gothic Lolita Wigs&Rockstar Wigs if you don't know! I still can't believe they sponsored me, ahhh~

I will be writing two reviews, one top lashes+one lower lashes for each review.
I got 4 packs in the mail by the way, and it took around 20 days to arrive from USA. It is fast for me, my wig from GLW actually took a lot longer than that before!
The first items I will be reviewing for this review is, the top lashes Harajuku Honey and lower lashes Underlash B.
I got the 3 pairs pack for each of them and their stock photos look like this.
I think the design is adorable, I really love sideswept lashes but couldn't find any! I'm expecting them to give a "sleepy" look and I was really excited to try them on, hehee.
Underlash B 1 Pair Pack
Underlash B 3 Pairs Pack
This design is my favorite actually. I really like thick lower lashes, and I feel weird when I don't use them, I'm so used to them. I got similar ones from Taobao, but they are not as thick and look a little bit weird compared to these ones. If you use black eyeshadow to line under your eyes and draw the wing downwards, then use these lashes on them, it should give you a droppy eye look. I really like that makeup style and have been doing it since I discovered it for my Karuta Roromiya cosplay~!

Now, let me show you my photos and tell my opinion about them.

I had to hold myself back not to scream because these are the best lashes I have ever got!

They are pitch black and bring out my eyes really well. Also it was easy to apply glue and wear them because of the thick band. When I took the lashes off by pulling them gently, they weren't harmed either. I cleaned them before I put them back in their packs, so that I can use them for a long time.
I really really love how dramatic this makeup looks because of the sideswept lashes oh my god. ; v ;

They are easily noticeable and very dramatic, I'm really amazed!

I also loved how they blended together. I kind of connected the top&lower lashed together as I applied them, so they didn't look weird at all and enlarged my eyes as well.

I also used Underlash B with my Karuta Roromiya cosplay at Torucon Day 2, and I like how it turned out. Karuta has a sleepy look all the time, so I did my makeup like this.
Here is a gif of Karuta Roromiya if you don't know who she is! She's from InuxBoku SS.

She's my favorite character, I just can't stop- sajdkghlsddjk /touches screen

Lots of people are asking me where I get my lashes from and now you know!
If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, okay?
Bye bye for now!


  1. You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life. I love your blog ^^ and the false lashesand how they look on you. <3


  3. The wig pink ... What is the model?,,, i'm really want this!! TooT


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