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☆☆BrandedKitty Shop Photoshoot

I finally grabbed the laptop to write this post for BrandedKitty Shop!
If you don't remember, there was a small model contest of their shop which I entered and thanks to you I was choosen as one of their models.
If it weren't for you, I couldn't have done it, so let me thank you again!
So BrandedKitty's lovely customer service picked a few items for me to do a photoshoot and once I told them my measurements they picked the right size for the items and sent them to me.
Shop BrandedKitty
The items were compatible with each other so I combined them and did the photoshoot with Edniz at the usual place.
It's been some time since the items arrived and I did the photoshoot, so I won't be able to talk about the shipping time, I'm sorry.
However, I can say that every item arrived in perfect condition, there weren't any defects!
Let me show you the items first.

Organza Headband
This headband reminds me of fairies!
You can't adjust the width by yourself(it doesn't have any buttons) but it does stretch! So I was able to use it with my wig, even though it makes my head huge.
I got this in light blue color, so it could match with my outfit.
B.Kitty Alice Black Lashes
BrandedKitty also launched their own false lash designs and they were kind enough to send me one of their sets! I chose this design but it was really hard to choose one! All of them are adorable, they even have brown-colored lashes!
It was easy to put on and take off these lashes, the band is good quality too, so the lashes weren't trashed when I took them off.
I cleaned them nicely, I'm planning to use them again soon!

Here is a photo of me wearing these two products!
The next item is the dress that I wore with the headband.
Candy Doll Princess Dress
This dress is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! The only thing that bothers me if the busy design on the skirt part, but since it's light colored, it's not notice-able!
My favorite part is the striped arm-puffs. (I don't know how to call them haha)
It really reminds me of a fairy princess~

Hihihi, I like the colors so much~!

Oh! There's also an adorable bunny bag which I combined with this look!

Juizywoozy Usagi Bag
It's from the Juizywoozy's brand!
I'm not a fan of big bags, but this is a different story! Who can resist such a cute bunny!?
And in my opinion, this being a huge bag is a plus, that way a girl can carry all her stuff anywhere... and be cute at the same time. 8)

How do you like it?

And last but not leaaaaast!

Translucent Sailor Moon Phone Case
I got the "Type A" phone case because I like busy&colorful designs more for phone cases! You can select your phone model when you order the case, but they only have iPhone5/5s and iPhone4/4S available.

Look how vibrant it is!

I think this is all for this photoshoot post!
I hope you enjoyed it like I did~! 
It was so fun to shoot these photos with Edniz as well.
Thank you Edniz for keeping up with all my photoshoots. ; w ; I wonder when are you going to get bored HAHA-
Enough with the babbling!
I will see you in my next post, take care of yourself until then.
Bye byeeeee~!


  1. Aww everything looks so cute, love the phone case sadly i dont have an iphone

    ~ Sann

  2. I love the arm puffs on the dress very cute! The co-ord is soo cute!

  3. wowoow so many cool things! You look amazing as always ~

    My blog ♥ New Review

  4. anzu you are just the cutest! I love all the outfits you put together and how wonderful the wigs and products look on you uvu <3

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  6. These are so cute! But I have to ask where did you get those platform shoes their amazing?


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