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☆☆UNIQSO Chiaki Nanami&Peko Pekoyama Wig Review

Hello there~!
Sorry for leaving here without any updates for a while.
About the news... 2 days ago I registered to the university! I will be moving to the dorm on September 1st I think. The next two days I will have to enter an English exam because I want to skip the first year. I'm confident BUT the exam prodecure scared me a little. Essays and stuff. 
I can't even write formally.
I also had an operation for my wisdom teeth yesterday and right now my left cheek is about the same size as my head, HAHA-
No, seriously. It hurts so much. 
It better heals soon or the next thing I punch won't be the couch.
Anyway! In this post I'm going to review 2 new wigs from Uniqso and both are Dangan Ronpa related.

Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!

This time the shipping took so little time! It took around 2-3 days to process my order(ordered 4 wigs) and it took around a week(?) to arrive. It was shipped with a fast shipping option apparently! All the wigs were packed in their own plastic bags and brand new, so none of them were tangled at all.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Now now~ Chiaki is a character I really like from Dangan Ronpa. (First is Chihiro though!) So I wanted to give a try to her look.
The wig arrived looking like the photo, but the curls weren't as fixed as the stock photo. Still, they didn't need any styling, I just brushed it gently and the curls were just there.
Also the bangs were styled, so I didn't touch them either. The wig is poofy and really nice, so if I ever cosplay Chiaki in future, this wig is the perfect thing for her, in my opinion.
I wanted to brighten up the eyes a little in an editing program so that the eyes would look more accurate to the character. 
Not sure if I fit this character, to be honest ajsdjkfjdf.
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The reason I choose this wig was to try a different style of wig, but I'm not really happy with it as a cosplay wig.
Even if I look at this as a fashion wig, my opinion will not change about not recommending this wig. Since it's a special style of wig, it was parted in two on the back and tied into their braids. But because of that the wig is extremely small, making it hard for me to wear.
Since it sit tightly on my head, it didn't look very flattering. 
I couldn't take much photos as usual, they turned out pretty bad. >< 
I'm only going to show you one and you can decide if you like it or not. But for me, this was the first and only wig that I didn't like!
But that's nothing bad, it would be impossible to have %100 perfect wigs in one's store.
Please don't look that way ofmgsh-
Also thank you Uniqso for encouraging me to write my true opinions about the items I received from them. They are truly an honest seller, no wonder why they are so successful in this business.
Sorry for trying to edit the eyes a different color in these photos! I'm aware my attempts failed, so I will just leave them be from now on.
Thank you for taking your time and reading this blog post!
Take care until the next post and bye byeeee~!


  1. I think that's a Peko Pekoyama wig and not Fukawa's. Maybe they just wrote the name wrong.

    1. I guess so, because when I checked again it was corrected and it only said Dangan Ronpa Wig. I fixed it in the blog anyway!

  2. Dostum kontakt5-con'a grl nanamiyle süper ikili oluruz süper über ikili owo

  3. Çok güzel olmuşsun pekoyama da güzel kendine haksızlık etme bence sahra-chan

  4. Beautiful wigs sweetie, I hope the uni exam goes well~!

  5. Omg, you're really really cute, love your blog, how can I follow you, I don't find the button ;_;


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