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☆☆Abhair Short Two Tone Wig Review

Hello hello~! 
How are you?
I'm okay, actually! I've been thinking about the upcoming /small/ holiday and keeping myself happy for now! I will go to my dad's home this weekend, until Wednesday! ; u ;
I really really really really hope they won't give any projects.
god please hear my prayers please
Remember the post which I reviewed a headdress and a lolita blouse?
People have been asking me if I cut the long split of mine in those photos.
Aaaand the answer is no! It is another wig. ; u ;)/
You know my love for split two-color wigs, haha. I couldn't resist it again and got a short split wig from Abhair this time.
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They have a wide range of wigs to choose from at their website, so make sure to check it out!

About the shipping, then! Since I have moved to the university dormitory, I started receiving my parcels here. This one arrived in about 15 days after I placed the order, but I received it later because it arrived on Friday. And on Fridays I go home, to my mom. ; u ;
But I got it safely on Sunday night, so everything is good!
Inside the parcel, the wig was in it's plastic bag, along with a wig cap!
Receiving wig caps with wigs without ordering them makes me feel like I have found a treasure, haha.
Use the code "AnzuY15" for a %15 discount!
The wig has side swept bangs! Which means, the bangs are really long. You can either use it as in the stock photo or you can cut the bangs according to your face.
I prefer full bangs so I cut it by myself at home with trembling hands.
The result was amazing! ; u ; I really liked how it looked like on me. The wig has thick and silky hair and there aren't any lack of hair, so it actually looked natural despite it's unusual color style.
They blended well with these brown lenses, huh?
I also thought this wig might look nice with a lolita inspired look, so I put the headdress on!
I think the light and brown shades blend together nicely and it doesn't disturb the eye at all.
It can also be styled in pigtails, but I'm not sure if it would look nice from behind, so it was just a try!
What do you think? Do brown shades work well with a lolita inspired style? Or do you prefer colorful wigs over them?
Let me know in the comments, I'm curious about your opinions!


  1. I think brown and natural colors work great for lolita looks! Colorful wigs are cool too, I think it depends a bit on what style (sweet, gothic etc) one is doing and also what other colors are on the outfit. Some people can pull off a lolita look with a wig of any color (even multicolors!) and of course matching circle lenses can help with the overall impression!
    You look pretty no matter what you wear! ^_^

  2. Hey.. It is beautiful. How did you cut? It's properly! Did you cut with normal scissor?

  3. I love it! I'm short wigs lover! And i also cut all their bangs lol
    Amazing as always, Anzu! <3
    I want to buy in AbHair someday... ^^

  4. Ahh it really fits you :D looks so cute ^_^

    ~ Sann

  5. Beautiful wig hun I liked how you cut the bangs c:

  6. You are so cute! You look like a child, it's amazing. :)
    I'm not really into split wigs but this one looks so good on you that I feel like trying one myself. :') I think it really fits the Lolita look!
    Which lenses are you wearing? They make your eyes so pretty. And which lashes?
    Oh this style looks so good on you, I can't get over it. :'D

  7. Is the wig always like yours? I am interested in buying it but I want to make sure it really looks like the one you have; in some pictures on Abhair, the model's wig has a lot more blonde to it than yours and it goes to the back of her hair. Yours only have a small section of blonde in it.


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