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☆☆CosplayWho Customized Wig Review

Good evening from Turkey~!
I have no classes until Wednesday because of a religious holiday, but it doesn't change anything because all the homeworks and projects are due to Wednesday as well. 8)
Sorry for the ranting but I'm panicking so much since two weeks because I can't seem to manage my time for anything at all...

Anyway, let's forget about the problems for now! (Will take care of them after this post!)
In today's post, I will be introducing you to a new cosplay shop on storenvy, which is called CosplayWho!
CosplayWho is a China based apparel retailer&wholesaler specializing in cosplay costumes, wigs and props! They can also custom-make any item you want, so don't hesitate to message them if you have any questions.
As for me, well... If you've been following my accounts, you might have seen that my favorite series are HunterxHunter. I was looking for a Komugi wig from the series, since her hair was too difficult for me to make. I am not that good at styling wigs, and I didn't want to ruin anything this time.
So I asked the lovely Daku if they could customize her wig for me, and included detailed photos of  Komugi's hair.
Daku said that the items usually take around 3 days to ship out, but since this was a customized wig, it was going to take around 15 days to be processed.
I was okay with it! (And really happy~!)
As they said, after 15 days my wig was shipped out.
Like the processing time, the shipping took around 15 days as well, however, this wig was a very delicate item and thanks to my country's post office, it wasn't handled very well. The box was smashed on the way, but I could see that it was packaged very nicely. Still, Komugi's pigtails were kind of smashed and the bangs needed some styling. 
What I did was to straighten the bangs and cut them a little bit. In order to get the pigtails back into their shape, I cut one of my plastic folder's cover, rolled it and put it into the pigtails without untying them. When I let go of the cover, it was still rolled, but it got a little bit bigger and helped the pigtails to get back into their shape! ; u ; I am so glad I was able to fix it.
I didn't have any more complaints than that. The wig was very nicely made and the pigtails could stand up properly. The styling was done well so even if it was smashed, I didn't have to do much to make the bangs spiky!
So far, I'm really happy with this wig! If it wasn't CosplayWho, I wouldn't know where to go for Komugi's wig. 

Okaaaay, so let's move onto the photos, shall we?
This shot is my favorite so far, but I can't wait to do a proper photoshoot with her costume!
You can see how the pigtails were made in this photo. I think it's very clever, but even if I see how it was done, I don't think I will be able to do it.
I agree that these lenses are not very suitable by the way! Still searching for the perfect pair!

My review for this customized wig ends here! Please don't hesitate to write your questions in the comments, I will do my best to reply!
If you'd like to commission a wig to CosplayWho, you contact them via their Storenvy messaging system from this link.
Shop CosplayWho
Thank you for reading my review and see you later in my next review~!
Love you!


  1. Wow you really made a great job!!!!
    Specially the first pic!!
    Anzu i wanna ask you a question about my next cosplay please help ONIGISHIMAAAAS ;-; i want to ask you where did you get pitou wig from :(?

  2. thank God i saw one of the Goddess of cosplay for me. i love your kumugi cosplay please do more! in ♥ much!


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