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☆☆Huge Showishes Haul!

How was your week, everyone? ; u ;
Are you happy because it's weekend now? Or do you have many homeworks and projects to work on?
For today's review, I'm going to do a haul post for the new shop Showishes~!
They are an amazing store with lots of cute items and I'm sure you will love it!
They even offer free-shipping for all items!
Shop Showishes
So~! I will be reviewing two dresses, a pair of shoes, a wig and a pair of tights in this review.
I received these items in two different parcels because some of them were preorder! You can 
check and see which ones they are in their links.
The items were shipped out by DHL's standart shipping and they both took about 15-20 days to get to Turkey after they were shipped. For preorder items, the processing time varies, so you might need to check out the item descriptions for the accurate time.
For the parcels, each item was packed seperately in their own plastic bags, and the lovely team of Showishes even included a pair of eyeball hairpins&a small note for me! I was so happy to receive them and the cute note! <3
Let's move onto the items so I can write about their conditions when I received them one by one.
The wig I have received from them is a Usagi wig, which is the main character of Sailor Moon! Pretty sure everyone knows that, haha. ; u ;
The wig is really nice, considering that this is a pretty difficult hair style for a wig. From the back it looks as if you tied your hair in twin buns, because there is a fake hairline there. The buns are pre-made, so you won't be able to redo them. I mean, if you untie and style it back, that's fine, but I'm pretty scared to do that.
The longer pigtails of the wig has slight curls on the bottom, which is accurate to the character and really cute.
The bangs will come unstyled, so you can cut them according to your face shape. The wig is also heat-resistant, which means you will be able to use hair straightener or hair curler on it. But be careful not to use the tools on a too hot level.
These are the hairpins I got from their team! I had them in black and I'm so happy to own them in pink now. ; u ;
Oh, also! Since the dress I received from them had a lovely powder pink color, I wanted to combine it with the Usagi wig.
The dress comes in white/blue, pink/white, purple/white and I got the second version.
It's not made from a soft material and it has a sheer texture. (Did I even write it right? ;_; )
I am in love with the design, expecially the transparent arm puffs!
When the dress arrived, it needed some ironing because of the shipping company but once I ironed it, everything worked out great!
I had checked the size chart before ordering so the dress fit me perfectly.
You can find everything in this photo in Showishes' Store!
The second dress I will be reviewing is a very similar one to this but it is a dark blue color!
It was inspired from Sailor Moon!
I'm soo in love with this one! It has small star beads on the edges of the giant ribbon, which I think is inspired from Angelic Pretty's Fairy Marine. I also says "Sailor Moon" on it's back, on the collar!
Just like the first dress, it is made of sheer/chiffon and has transparent arm puffs. They are pretty much the same style, with slightly differences and a different color. 
The shoes are also from Showishes!
You can find the wig at Dream Holic's shop! ; u ;
Last but not least, the tights and the shoes. Since their colors are mainly red, I thought it would be cute to combine them together.
This is an adorable design! Man, everything at Showishes can give you diabetes, haha.
The tights' theme is strawberries, as you can see. As we go to the feet part, it looks similar to a strawberry cake and makes me want to go out and treat myself a slice!
As for their quality, they stretch really well without losing their color and shape. It is suitable for the height 160 cm to 175 cm. I am 164 cm, so it works fine for me. It's not too thick, but it's thick enough to stay strong without getting ripped.
Strawberries all the way!
You've seen the photos of them already, but it's time to review the shoes!
Red Shoes ( Madoka Kaname Shoes)
I actually own these in black!
 But Madoka is one of my cosplans so I wanted to get the red ones as well! Plus, they are really comfy and cute, so I'm planning on using them with my everyday clothes as well.
They also come in many different colors, light blue is one of my favorites!
To order one, you first need to measure your foot by stepping on a tape measure. After that, you can check the size chart for the perfect size for it. I've been ordering my shoes like that for a very long time and I had no problems with the sizing so far.
As for the shoes; they are amazing! The color is accurate, it is shiny and vibrant, just like Madoka's magical girl self's shoes. 

They also worked well with the strawberry themed coordinate.
They are easy to walk in and just in case you won't feel comfortable with them, there is a shoe base sent with the shoes.
You can put it in the shoes and it will prevent your feet slipping inside the shoes.

So how did you like Showishes?
I'm really happy with the items I got and I plan on supporting them from now on! ; u ;
Don^'t forget to check their store out before ordering, you might find an item you like even more than these!
Shop Showishes
So I will see you in my next post soon!
Bye bye and love you~! 


  1. Thank you so much for this review! I've been looking for a decent Usagi wig for ages... You look gorgeous btw <3

  2. that light pink dress sooo beautifdfxgvsdxgv*+*

  3. aaww *-* I love your Sailor Moon wig!

  4. Hello, I was wondering what the red Madoka shoes were made of? Are they made in a shiny plastic or are they made out of some kind of leather? Thank you

    1. Hello!
      The shoes are made of PU leather. It is not real leather, but it is made to look like leather. It's a polyurethane product.
      Hope I could help!

  5. I'm so in love with you. Why are you so cute with Sailor Moon Wig? I do not remember exactly why I find your blog but love it so much, carrying post before reading it every summer and I love it, you're a great inspiration to me.

  6. Hii!! Gosh you're so pretty ^^ can I ask you a question? where did you find the wig in the second photo (the brown one)? Becouse I searched on Taobao but I couldn't find nothing much at all.. If you have the direct link will surely be better :3
    Bye bye and thanks a looot ^///^

  7. I wonder where you got the Hairpins from? :3


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