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☆☆PersonalMahou Custom Shirt Review

Hello everyone! 
I'm back with a very exciting post today!
It's for a new Storenvy shop which is run by the lovely Inés and she designs&custom designs T-shirts and hand-paints them all by herself. She has got amazing skills and I love her chibi-art style.
You know Anzu, my very first design?
Here she is! 
Inés told me that she could draw her in her art style and make me a custom magical girl T-shirt, I was so happy she asked. I mean, she was also going to draw my first design on one of her items and it meant so much to me. 
After drawing it on a paper as a sketch, she completed the shirt(we agreed on a green shirt) and shipped it out to me.
I'm not sur ehow long the shipping took, but everything arrived without any defects, she was really good at packaging the item. She placed a thin paper on the print, so that it wouldn't get damaged on the way.
She also sent me the first drawing of Anzu she made, I ended up hanging it on my wardrobe! :D
Isn't her art style very cute!? ; u ;
Aaaand here is the final result!
I took it from my mirror, by the way! So it looks reversed.
I wore it for a few times now, and had no problem with the print. Still, I'm pretty scared to wash it, I think I will ask Inés for the best way and update this review on it!
The print is a bit on the downside, so I couldn't make it fit in my selfie photo frames.
Aaaand here is a full-shot of it, with a yellow skirt! 
On her shop, Inés a few pre-made designs up, but for customized magical girl T-shirts, you can contact her on her Etsy shop and agree on your own design as well.
She puts a lot of time and effort in what she does, and her art style&products are good quality as well, that's why I think the price is worth every penny.

Again, I have to say that this is the best, BEST present that I have ever gotten and I will treasure it forever. I wish you the best with your new shop, I'm sure you'll succeed in no time! <3
Thank you so much again Inés! 


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  2. OMG that's amazing and so cute! <3
    What an unique way to make business haha, love it!
    Now I want a shirt too! x)

  3. Ah that's so cool! I want some of my art on a shirt as well >3<

  4. This tshirt is really cute! You're a nice designer, you know~


  5. This is so cute! Your design, her design, the shirt, it's all overflowing with cuteness. ;A;
    I'm happy for you. <3
    Your funny face made my night by the way, thanks. x)

  6. Wow, it makes me happy seeing you're very happy with your custom shirt! Maybe I should get one...

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