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☆☆Recent Outfits!

Aaaaand I'm back with a new outfit update!
Some of them are from the warmer times, so most of the outfits including shorts are replaced with trousers, unfortunately. ; _ ;
I miss the warm weather...
Green White Elbow Patch Letters Print SweatshirtKhaki Elastic Waist Lace-up Shorts
Baseball Print Sweater
Khaki Shorts
I know their styles don't go well, but I did tie up the laces of the short and hid them, so the color combination was nice! I really liked this combine.
The short doesn't have a zipper btw, it has an elastic waistband, so it does stretch up to a point, check the size chart for more information!
And for the sweater, I loved the design and color combo even if I don't like grey! I think for this one it looks quite good- and it keeps you warm too!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: eBay
Sweater&Shorts: Shein
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Y.R.U
Blue V Neck Striped Top With Skirt
V-Neck Sweater&Skirt Set
This really does look like a college uniform! I don't know why but when I wore it, it reminded me of Hermonie, as if it is something she would wear! That's why I decided to combine my long curly wig with it.
Outfit Rundown
Wig&Shoes: Taobao
Sweater&Skirt Set: Shein
Socks: Local Shop
Red Long Sleeve Bow Embellished Buttons Blouse
Red Shirt with Black Ribbon/Bow
This one has such a nice texture! It feels like velvet even if it's made of polyester. It feels quite high quality, so I'm happy with it even if it isn't velvet. :D You can remove the black ribbon or keep it- totally up to you!
I also wore this with the previous coordinate, but it is not visible there!
I wore it with both coordinates! I felt like it was better as a supporting item, instead of the main focus point.

Also, I know Christmas is over, but still, merry Christmas and a happy new year, just in case if I don't update for a while! <3

Stay tuned on my Youtube for a December Favourites video by the way- it will be up in about 1-2 days! I'm trying to post one video each week too!
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Bye bye!


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