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☆☆Spreepicky Photoshoot!

Well, well, hi!
How are you doing?
I'm trying to be more productive recently, editing some photoshoots, recording tutorials and stuff.
I'm not sure if I can keep it up, but I will try to post one video each week for my Youtube now!
For this week, I posted Neferpitou's tutorial.
I hope you like it!
I also want to change my blogspot and Tumblr theme soon!!
But no ideas a-ha...
I will think some more.

For today's post, I will be posting some photos for the new items I got from Spreepicky!S/M/L 3 colors Angel Cross Dolly Dress SP153643 - SpreePicky
 - 6
Angel Cross Dress
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!I really love frilly, soft looking designs. This one is something that I would LOVE to draw, so I ended up getting it. In my opinion the pink one looks the best with the laces and the lace colors as well ass the print, so I got that one. The material is super soft and comfy. It kept me really warm and didn't cause me to sweat weirdly. Some materials do that, so I thought it would be good to point that one out.

I think my favorite think about this is the "frills" on the wrists.
It gives the design a delicate, cute look.
I also combined the dress with the pink cardigan here.

Pink Bunny Cardigan
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!It's on reservation, but I think you are able to purchase it item by item and not have to buy the whole set. For further questions, you can always mail Spreepicky!
 Not only it has bunnies on it's pockets, it also has a heart with wings on the back!
I really love the color scheme for this, it has a soft pink color completed with the white bunny and the light blue&pink logo on it's back. It has small ribbons on the end of the sleeves as well!
Super cute!

 And again, the sleeves are not regular sleeves, they get wider as they end, so when you move your hands around that detail really does catch the eye.

I ended up getting inspired for an OC, and named her Cathy. As you can guess, she loves bunnies!
Now, here are some detail shots of the outfits and... and my OC Cathy!

I felt super cute in this photoshoot. I have a lot of photos from it, so I will probably posting even more in the future!

Until then~!
Bye bye!


  1. Soooo cute ;n; <3. Where is the wig from?

  2. From Taobao! I got it like 2 years ago ;_;

  3. You look so cute in here! ♥

    ロイ-さま |


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