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☆☆Wigs, wigs, WIGS!

Hellloooo everyone!
I'm back to review some wigs for Uniqso today!
I got more wigs than I could review with new lenses, so I used some of them with my older ones and decided to a wig post for it!
(Also I used two of them when modeling Uniqso's new lens series, but they were not prescripted when I modeled them, so I won't be writing a review for them. However, you can see me wearing those lenses on my FB and Instagram.)
Uniqso's New Lens Series
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!Now, time to see some wigs!
Shinoa Wig
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!
This one is for Shinoa from Owari no Seraph. It's super accurate, you will only need to cut the bangs for yourself. The braid comes styled as in the photo, but you can always remove that as well. 
I really liked the tone of the purple!

I even found a white bow to match Shinoa's style- but it's not visible.
Clannad - Ichinose Kotomi Wig
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!Now, time to see some wigs!
Well, well, another one I chose not for cosplaying but for wearing daily. Don't know, the color and straight style really caught my attention so...
And this one is honestly one of the best wigs I got from Uniqso! It looks natural despite it's unique color too, as it is not shiny and cheap looking.
I even used it in one of my tutorials and you can watch it here!

It was for Halloween, so beware!
Durarara- Kuronuma Aoba Wig
Use the code anzujaamu for a %10 discount!
I haven't watched the series, so I have never heard about this character, but as I was getting the previous wig, this seemed like a boy-ish version of it, so I ended up trying this out as well. I think their material is the same one, I haven't noticed any difference except the length of the wig. (But depending on the lighting, this one might be a bit lighter!)

This post was a super quick one, but hopefully it was helpful at giving you a few ideas about these wigs!
Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!
Bub baii!


  1. Lovely wigs! I love wigs! I have so many lying around, lol. xD
    I especially adore that violet wig because the color is sooooo nice! *_*

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  2. U have to watch durarara if u can! It soo good and i think u might like it

  3. I can see that you're experimenting with your eye makeup a bit!
    Good job. (´u`)b

  4. You look so cute with all of them but my favouite is second one <3


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