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✩✩Eagle Fashion False Lashes Review

Yo people, I'm alive~! I forgot my password for a long time but I'm back now! It's time for a review~ My first review is full of false lashes! They are sponsored by Eagle Fashion Limited company from aliexpress! Firstly, products are very well packaged and they were not damaged during the shipping. Also, the package arrived really quick, I was amazed. It took about 15 days to Turkey. Usually it takes about 30-40 days, so I'm very happy with it. However, I only tried one pair of these lashes. But I can guarantee that they are high quality since I carefully examined them. You will see me wearing these lashes from now on so keep watching over my tumblr for selcas! Here are the first lashes that I tried on;                                       They are really nice and soft, and easy to apply. They don’t give you that plastic feeling when you touch them, they feel like real eyelashes and they are also hand-made. Here are some photos of me wearing