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☆☆I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Green Lenses&Inside Out Disgust Wig!

Heyeyeyeayeya! Before disappering into the finals hell, I'm posting a new review with my last breath. 8) After that pls wish me luck! I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Green Use the code " anzujaamu " for a discount! I have tried the blue version of these, if you recall! I used it with my Snowy Cheeks Makeup Tutorial, and Bunny Lover Cathy OC! I really liked them so wanted to give the green ones a try too! I have no complaints, I didn't have any complaints for the blue ones either, that's why this is something like Is it what it's called- aaaaa Still, some information; They are listed as 16.2 mm, but personally I think they are around 14.8 mm or 15 mm at max. Just my opinion, I don't know any ways to measure it! Disgust Wig Use the code " anzujaamu " for a discount! And this! I really want to cosplay Disgust from Inside Out, as soon as I can, and as soon as I learn how to apply a green face paint properly........ So when I s

☆☆UNIQSO Mini Haul! (Super Natural Lenses, Kotori Minami Wig&Short Red Wig!)

Hellooooo It's been a VEEEEERY long time! Sorry about that. I only have about a month left until the semester ends and it's like they are pulling our souls out of our bodies- I'm just trying to survive. I also lost the track of my videos last few weeks but... this week's video is here! Also,  new review comes today, no doubt! ICK T-1 Grey Lenses Use the code " anzujaamu " for a discount! Well! The reason I went for these is quite different. I normally use glasses or prescripted no colour lenses because of my bad eyesight and I recently couldn't order new lenses from the hospital! So I wanted to look a REALLY natural looking pair of lenses. This is tricky, because I have to pay attention to both design, colour and the diameter. The design shouldn't have a black rim for example, the colour should be the same/very close colour to my eyes so that it could blend well as it gets closer to the pupil. And lastly, the diameter should be around 14-14.2 or