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☆☆ICK Adora Violet Lenses&Maki Nishikino Wig

Hello there! The university started getting really intense and busy... I can hardly keep up with it these days. I've also been feeling sick lately, so I couldn't do any new shoots. I will try to get better because I have some exciting plans! For now, I will show you some older photos I took this summer, but forgot to write a blog post! ICK Adora Violet Use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! I must say, this has become one of my favorite purple lenses! It enlarges eyes super well, and also having a slightly brown outer ring makes it look, let's say, a bit more natural than a full-black ring. It still has the dramatic effect because of the color and the enlargement, but that's something I have been looking out for! And as I always expected, the ICK brand doesn't disappoint me.  Full-comfort all day for my poor dry eyes, haha. I had a problem with my harddisk lately and lost all my old photos/photoshoots, so I had to take a real clo

☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue Lenses&Eli Ayase Wig

I probably told you guys that Peter Pan is my favorite cartoon&story from my childhood, and also my first love, heh heh.  That's why I wanted to do a/some cosplays inspired by Peter Pan, and I decided that it would be Len&Rin's Peter Pan and Tinker Bell from their new song here; I want to do both their cosplays! And I think I found great wigs for them, which I will be sharing with you in this and next reviews. Both of them have blue eyes, so I set my eyes on these lenses. I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue Use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! I have blue eyes, so I'm not worrying about the pupil gap this time. It'll blend in as long as the lens isn't too vibrant in an unusual color. As for my brand choice, this is one of the most comfortable brands for my dry eyes, so! And ofcourse, I would like them to make my eyes bigger, so I went for a 16.2 mm diameter one. Nice catch, huh! Also see my failed attempt at changing the eyeshadow color fro

☆☆UNIQSO ICK Freshlook Green Lenses&Nozomi Tojo Wig Review

Well, hello there! I hope you are good!  I'm finally back with a new lens&wig combo review, it's been a while since I last did that. Really excited! I really really love Love Live, and if you follow my Twitter you probably know that my favorite is Hanayo. Andmy second favorite is Nozomi! I'm nowhere suitable for Nozomi with my face and body, but I really wanted to give it a shot! I'm not very happy with the result, but maybe I can do better if I try different eyelashes and eyeliner styles. Anyway, let's go with the lenses first! ICK Freshlook Green Use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! ICK brand is one of my go-to brands, ever since I had a dryness problem with my lenses, as I was recovering, I had no comfort problem with that brand. Not sure if it has something to do with the brand, but because of that I really like this brand and never get stressed out about them getting dry in my eye. //I still use eye drops just in case, tho! These

✩✩Outfit Update 2!

It's 11:30 PM and I'm sitting here by myself thinking why am I not writing that blog post I! Have! Been! Delaying! I've been finding myself staring at either the ceiling or the wall instead of doing productive things recently. Trying to break that cycle, but looks like it's gonna take some time. Forgive me. Let's drop that gloomy beginning and focus on some cute clothes, huh? Sweater Coat Dog Print T-Shirt Their themes are not really related, but I felt like they would be a cute match together, sooo! I especially like the shirt, the illustrations on it are adorable. //whata cute dog on the right sleeve ah//  I really hope I will able to do things like these in the future! As for the sweater coat, it's super cozy! It's baggy, but keeps you really warm, just like a blanket. I really like baggy things like these because I'm able to roll it around myself whenever I get a shiver! Outfit Rundown Wig: eBay Shirt&Coat: Sheinside Shorts: Local Shop S