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☆☆Spreepicky Luna Bag Review

Eyyyy, how is it going!?  I'm really excited because I'm here to review the cutest bag ever for you! It's sent to me by Spreepicky ! The bag is an original design from a Chinese Designer "Sweetlove" so it can only be found here. uwu If you like Sailor Moon, you are going to love this, I promise! It's a Luna bag ! ;u; The bag arrived with some other items (which I will be reviewing in my next post) and they were packed nicely! They arrived before the Chinese Holiday so it was really quick, I was surprised. No item was damaged and they even included cute nail stickers as gifts, I loved them! This is how the bag looks like; The fabric is soft and good quality, and I haven't had any problems with the zippers either! I'm in love with the design, especially the little stars&moons on it's straps. uwu Here's a photo of me wearing it, also you'll get the see next review's items! Dundundun! The tights

☆☆Sheinside 3rd Review

Hello lovelies!  This time I'm back with another Sheinside review, and ofcourse new coordinates! I received a black dress and a fluffy white-ish coat for this post! They are both so lovely! It took about 20-25 days to arrive this time, because of the Chinese Holiday. Everything was packaged nicely, so none of the items were defected and they were inside Sheinside's plastic cases. They are good quality cases, so you can save them and use them to store your clothes, hehe~. Don't forget to check their size chart when you order from them though! I always check it and measure myself, so I haven't had any problems about the size. Now let's move on to the photos! The black dress , Outfit Rundown: Eyeballs: Spreepicky Wig: Spreepicky Black Dress : Sheinside Socks: Spreepicky Shoes: Taobao A close-up with a different wig, And the fluffy coat! ! (Not my best coordinate but ;v;) Wig: Spreepicky Eyeballs: Spreepicky Cross Hairpin:

☆☆UNIQSO Kimchi Maki Yellow Review

 Hello once again~! ! (●´ω`●)ゞ It always makes me feel excited when I review lenses, don't know why ;w; Guess it's because they change the appearence a lot and it makes me curious? Hehe, anyway, this time I will introduce you to my favorite pair of lenses sponsored by UNIQSO ! Not only lenses though, they've included some cosmetics with it, which are really good quality! Here is what came in the mail, A pair of brown/black false eyelashes , black liquid eyeliner , pink lens cases and Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses! ;//u//; I tested the eyeliner on my hand first, It also doesn't easily come off, which is a really good thing because I sometimes have trouble finding a nice eyeliner . It didn't irritate my skin either when I used it on my eyes. uwu And a little information on the lenses, They are Kimchi Maki Yellow , which are 16 mm diameter lenses. (The biggest ones I got so far ;w;) They expire a year after you start using them! Never wear e

☆☆Kittywood Review

Hello once again! I'm back with another accessoires review and I have loooots of stuff to review this time! Today I will be reviewing Kittywood Designs~! uwu Kittywood Designs is an etsy shop owned by Kattie Rose, who designs the accessoires by herself and makes them handmade. She ships out from USA, so if you live in the USA, you should pay less for the shipping, I think! She is a very sweet person, and even if this was a sponsored review, she made sure that I was satisfied with the products, so please don't hesitate to message her if you have any questions! Now, let's move on to the products I got. Here is a photo of what I got in the package. Everything looks so cute ahhhhsdfjgjm. qwq <3 There are lots of pins and hairpins, and also a ring! They even included their business cards, which are really cute and has their mascot on it. Also the circle emblems on the left side of the photo are actually stickers! Only some of them are available, so I wi