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☆☆Mini Outfit Update!

Sorry for being inactive here again! I have been really busy with the photoshoot with Rinoa Cosplay Photography and then a local convention here, so I couldn't write. I also have some good news! By winning a contest a few days ago in the convention, I won the chance to represent my country at Tokyo Game Show 2015 this September! I'm really, really, REALLY excited! It feels like I will be attending very soon even though there are months left until it, I can hardly sleep. ;___; Anyway! I have many outfit updates ready, so I will make this real quick with my outfit photos, not as a review. Still if you have any questions, make sure to write them in comments and I will reply! Blue Ruffle Top You can see my dark circles from 3 kms away. 8D Outfit Rundown Wig: Link  (Discount code: anzujaamu) Top&Skirt: Sheinside Socks: Taobao Shoes: Link  (Discount code: anzujaamu) Next is 3 items in one coordinate! Good Morning Shirt Banana Shorts Orange/Lemon Bag ALL HAIL THE FORE

☆☆UNIQSO ICK Gaudy Blue Lenses&Short Black Wig

I HAVE FOUND THE BEST BLUE LENSES EVER Before babbling any nonsense I present you these precious babies! ICK Gaudy Blue Use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! SCREAMS They aren't a very new design, but they are one of the recent designs of the brand ICK. Not having a model photo, I wasn't expecting these to be to be very vibrant but oh. my. god. They pop out so much without looking creepy. Besides, while many other vibrant lenses look weird on light eyes, these actually blended with my real eye color! And guessing from this vibrance level, I would say they would pop out on dark eyes as well. Guys. I loved this so so much. I ended up wearing it to university a few days too, and had no problems comfort-wise.  That's why these are my one and only #1 babies from now on. The enlargement effect is amazing too! They are 15 mm, but honestly I saw no difference between these and the 16.2 mm lenses. GOD I LOVE THEM I went on and combined them with a short

☆☆New Outfit Update!

Left this blog inactive for almost a week again, sorry! ;_; Without babbling too much I will be moving onto my next review for Romwe. Shop Romwe Will be reviewing 4 items now, so let's start without wasting any time! , White Collar Black Dress I think this is the only item I really really liked out of all the 4 items I got. It has a really, really thin material, so be careful and make sure it doesn't look a bit like a see-through item. It's also supposed to be a loose-fitting dress, so don't worry. It still comes in a few sizes, so check them out before ordering! Outfit Rundown Headdress&Shoes: Taobao Wig: DreamHolic Dress: Romwe Bow Dress The design of it was what caught my attention and I admit that I could have combined this outfit way better. Anyway, about it's material, it was thicker than the first dress, but still quite thin. The bow of my dress needed some fixing time to time, which means it can shift on it's own, but it's not a complaint,