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☆☆[Holika Holika] Pore Cover Powder Review

Eyyyy- I'm back with another product from Cosmetic Love! You can read my previous review about them, here . Shop Cosmetic Love I will be reviewing Holika Holika Pore Cover Powder in this review. I was in need of a light colored powder, so I went with this one. Holika Holika Pore Cover Powder It took around 10-15 days to arrive, great shipping time as usual! The product was in a small cardboard box and it was wrapped with bubble wrap so everything was in excellent condition. They also included some testers along with this product! Unfortunately the tester BB-cream is too dark colored for me, so I ended up throwing it away after testing it on my wrist. Features This finishing powder can be applied over foundation or worn alone, is offered in a convenient size. This microfinish powder sets the foundation and slightly mattifies the skin-without changing its natural contours. The blooming transparent powder softens the appearance of imperfections and completely ev

☆☆Chibibunny Pikachu Blanket&Pirate Bunny Bag Review

 Hey cuties~! Today I'm back to review an adorable shop which sells bags, blankets, phone cases and many more products with their original illustrations. The owner, Duong, is the one who designs and draws all the illustrations. She's very talented and creative and I love her art so much. I will also include her deviantart account here, because she does commissions and I'm in love with her chibi drawings ahh~! Duong's DeviantArt Account At Chibibunny, she designs and draws illustrations, after that gets them printed on various phone cases, doormats, blankets and many other stuff! 100% Cute&Original? More like 1000%! Shop Chibibunny The shipping took around 3 weeks with standart shipping and everything arrived in excellent condition because they were carefully packed. I was so excited to open the parcel because I knew so many cute items were inside ahhh~! I also did a special photoshoot for each items, so the photos will be better q

☆☆UNIQSO White Twilight Crazy Lens Review

I'm so so excited about this post because I tried something new! I'm also happy with the results, sooooo~! This review will be about a pair of white lenses from UNIQSO. Shop UNIQSO You can use the code " anzujaamu " when you checkout and receive a %10 discount! I actually wanted to try other crazy lenses as well, or maybe scleras, but since my eyes have 6.00 power myopia, I can't try them. ; w ; They usually have plano lenses only for crazy lenses. BUT! I was wrong. The Twilight brand has some crazy lenses available in precriptions! EYYYYY I'M COMING FOR YOU BABIES- Heh, enough with babbling. Let's take a look at the stock photos! Twilight Crazy Halloween Lenses Off-White ...W-what did you expect, they are just...white lenses okay. Their diameter is 14.2 mm which is very close to a normal eye. But since these will be covering my eye color to blend with the white part with my eyes, the diameter doesn't ma