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☆☆Shein Outfit Update!

HELLO I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT YOU!!! I have been super busy, I have gone to Tokyo for TGS 2015, and in just 4 days I have done SO many things and still it wasn't enough! Ah! It was one of the best moments of my life, I have met so many great people and I was even able to see Mefu there! //AND I MET JUNNYAN SCREAMS AAaaAaAH- OH GOD OH  G I WILL MAKE BLOG POST WHEN I AM NOT SUPER BUSY The event clashed with my university, so I am really behind at some projects, I will have to work super hard to catch up now ;_; But it was worth it! If you'd like to see me, here is a video!! I will post the photos I could find in a blog post later! And now let's move onto the outfit update, I'm super late for it! I will make it quick, okay! Print Coat Decided to start with my favorite, a really thin black&white coat! It's thin, but it's great for rainy, not-too-cold weathers.  With the strings below, you can squeeze the bottom part as well, but I decided